I used Sacred Salt for the first time today.

I'm expecting some kind of message when I next get to play.

Falling Snows mission. I'd been through several times before, but I thought I'd invoke a visitor while I trudge through the level and wipe it clean. So, I reach the second shrine you find after the first O-nyudo, and I sense a visitor's presence. I patiently wait for their arrival and proceed to bow. They bow in return.

Wearing a mismatch of Golden Nioh Armour and Warrior of the West, they use dual katana. We both proceed with caution and experience, not letting confidence grow just because we have company. Things were grand; fighting side by side, having each others backs. Until we loop back to the first shrine near the magic ice spike.

Off they go. The notion that I need them to hastily destroy all in their path seemingly fills their mind. They lay waste in their haste, and I'm left searching for the kodama spirits. By the time I catch up, the level is completely clear of enemies and since I hadn't been to a shrine since arriving at the level, it was definitely empty. I'd found all the kodama spirits, but when I arrived at their location, they seemed busy sorting through the myriad pieces of equipment.

I run to the shrine and pray, resetting the level and putting me close to the boss should I die. Five minutes had passed and my visitor had the triple Zs. I ran to the temple and waited, keeping an eye on their status. Several minutes had passed and nothing had changed.

Buh-bye! I used the Sacred Salt a proceeded to face the boss.

A pointless story, but I didn't enjoy having to kick someone from the mission because I don't know their reasons. I do know that they were there for glory, amrita, and gear. Maybe they needed a poop.

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