I Think I’ve Found a Broken Mechanic

So I think Ive discovered why the second light attack from quick characters such as PK or Valk seem to connect when they shouldn't. Its not their speed, its actually a mechanic. Check this out.

In the clip below, it shows Valk hit me with a 2 light chain. Im Nobushi, so maybe the stance change has something to do with it, but I don't think it does. The first light I obviously miss. I go high for an attack and she launches a right light. I then try to block a split second after she hits me and my wheel goes black. You can see my joystick turn right after the hit. Heres where the mechanic comes in. My stick remains neutral until the second light comes out. I then hit left on my joystick, the wheel turns white, but my stance comes out right, even though Im holding left.

I think if you change stances while you're recovering from a hit, the first stance input is a permanent register. It overrides any further inputs. Meaning, if you block late, your stance comes out in that direction when you recover. Which also means if you block late, then try to adjust to a fast second light, youre going to get hit again because your stance comes out in the direction of the first attack. (basically, you get hit your wheel turns black…You can't change stance until it turns white again. So if you input after it turns black I.E. you get hit, that input is automatically applied, even if you adjust)

This explains why there's so much complaint about PK and Valk. If this is actually a thing, it needs to be changed. This not only punishes you for missing a block, but allows for follow up punishment. I think this needs to be addressed, along with stance change speed.

Let me know what you think.


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