I so badly need a Sun-Ring arena mode [slightly spoiler-y]

While I know that this idea isn't new and that many people have many thoughts on what this should look, I really just want a game mode that allows me to face off against any opponent at any time. I mostly want this because there are so few Deathbringer (and Corruptor) fights in the game, and you can't just go to a specific geographic location to find one like you can all the other machine types.

You could create a manual save file right before you face off against one, but I don't like managing multiple save files because I have this awful tendency to accidentally overwrite files that I wanted to keep — no matter how careful I am.

If GG is worried we'd just use it to farm for mods, I'm even okay with them dialing back the reward system. In fact, I'd love to have some alternate rewards offered that can ONLY be unlocked in the Sun-Ring. I'm not sure what those rewards would be, but I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on that.

Of course, I'd also like to see this expanded beyond just a simple 1v1 deathmatch. Here's a few ideas I have:

  • Option to handpick (or randomize) our enemies
  • An option for multiple waves
  • Endless waves (survival mode)
  • Endless enemies that scale up in difficulty
  • Various challenge modes, e.g. hunter's bow and tripcaster only
  • Stats tracking galore, e.g. How many enemies did I kill before I died in survival mode? How much total damage did I inflict by weapon type? What's my fastest TTK on a Behemoth?
  • Personal bests, friends list & worldwide rankings

I really want to hear from everyone else on what other ideas Guerrilla could implement in the Sun-Ring, so please share them below!

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