I really do NOT understand the hate….

So after watching a few youtube videos and reading reddit posts from the past week, I really do not understand what all the hate is about. I mean my God, no game that comes out is perfect by any means and after viewing some post and videos, they are picking at the most nit-picky bull****.

NOT TACTICAL ENOUGH: Actually, the game is plenty tactical. Like a lot of games the experience is what you make of it. Turn up the difficulty, turn off the hub, wait until the full game comes out that is not considered a level 1 area.

NO COVER SYSTEM: There is a cover system….could it be enhanced, sure. But the backlash towards this all because you don't push a button is absolutely ridiculous. I personally like that the character goes straight into cover without me having to push a button. I think it actually makes the game flow better.

THIS GAME IS NOT FUN, SO DO NOT BUY IT: First off, this is YOUR opinion. You telling people not to buy a game based off your personal preference. This also goes back to you make the most out of your experience. Playing co-op in this game was one of the most fun experiences I have had in a long time. That is my personal preference that I am not going to push on anyone. See how that works.

TYPICAL UBISOFT: This argument I actually understand, but it is extremely hypocritical when you buy the same COD game every single year, just a different skin. And yet, reviewers give their games a score of 8 year after year. Has Ubisoft managed to do some sketchy things in the past, you bet. Am i hesitant to buy Ubisoft games, no. With every game basically having an open beta there is no excuse to blindly buy a game or not. Play the game before you buy it and I would be willing to bet you would have saved money. I don't blindly invest money in a stock without doing the proper research. Why do it with games?

My whole point in this post is to create your own opinion on the game. When the open beta comes out, play it! You may hate it or you may love it. You will not know by watching a youtube video complain endlessly because of their personal grudge towards a developer.

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