I played in SNF for almost 4 years and have raided for almost 8 years. AMA!

I played in SNF (US50+ guild) all the way from the middle of Siege of Orgrimmar (when it was forming up) all the way up until the beginning of Mythic Emerald Nightmare progression. I was an officer (albeit probably not the greatest one) from the Hellfire Citadel reform. I left the guild shortly after Mythic Emerald Nightmare progression. I played in Precision for a small while after but I had to step down from raiding altogether at this point because of school. It's been a good, almost 10 years, of raiding!
I am doing this AMA to hopefully clear up some misconceptions and answer any questions you may have about "upper-end" raiding in general or any questions you may have at all really.

Ideas on topics you could ask me questions about:
• "Upper-end" raiding (e.g.: social aspect, behind the scenes, general expectations, etc.)
• General questions about raiding (sales, attitude, etc.)
Why are guilds falling apart?
Disclaimer 1: I don't, and have never, perceived myself to be an extremely "good" player
Disclaimer 2: I don't expect this to get super big or anything. It's just, hopefully, a condensed spot to ask questions and clear up misconceptions.
Disclaimer 3: While I haven't raided in a "world class" guild, the difference isn't that big from where I was. If you ask a question, I will end up answering it at some point. I'm also not the only one in the world who has raided up in the higher ranks before so I'm sure there will be other people giving input too.

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