I no longer have fun in this game. PERIOD

Yes, there's lack of content which can make the game somewhat stale, but I could definitely enjoy the current content for a long time and have fun playing with friends, when the game actually works, which as of lately is quite rare! I know the game is early access alpha, but the progress of this game has unfortunately made little progress compared to other early access alpha games, and it shows!

The devs really need to understand how frustrating this game has become. I have on a few occasions said, I'm about to stop playing this game, but I try to continue onward and make the best of it… but I have unfortunately lost my ability to give a damn about this game anymore… I really would like to keep playing, but the fun no longer outweighs the troubles.

I spend more time fighting lag, restarting the game from CTDs, and recovering from bad game mechanic deaths and respawns from falling under the ground, than any actual enjoyable game play!!!

A very large number of players were utterly distraught two wipes ago when it was arguably the worse update in the game's history. A new general manager stepped in and turned this game completely around with one of, if not the best, update of the game.

Unfortunately, this past wipe has again doomed this game. Most importantly, the substantial increase in server lag and constant CTDs makes this game nearly unplayable! I have a hard time finding the willingness to play a game where the reason I die is not because I just plain suck, but because the mechanics of the game are just completely fucked! I'm seriously tired of losing vehicles and hard work to CTDs! I have played a lot of games, including other early access alpha games, and I've never had so much grief by problems with the game itself like this game. CTDs are the biggest problem that just shouldn't happen except in rare conditions, certainly not as often as they do now. What's worse, is the fact that CTDs push vehicles and players under the ground and force us to respawn and lose everything we have if we haven't already died from some other game-related problem along the way.

I also have a big problem with devs not understanding and following proper priority in game updates. The two biggest updates that heavily pushed a new wipe/update was better zombie AI/pathing and lighting. Both of these things are a great thing to implement, but much further down the road. I could care less about lighting if the game still has other major issues that need to be fixed first! More importantly, what good is improved zombie AI and pathing if I can't hit them worth a damn because melee hit registration is still completely broken! This melee registration has been broken for over a year, that is a huge problem! So, to leave behind the greatest update to a new update that again was shit, basically because the devs thought they introduced something great but really didn't, puts a really sour taste in my mouth.

This has happened time and time again where the devs just don't listen, don't pay attention, and the players who devote a lot of time and passion into this game, are just left hanging. What are other player's inputs?

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