Remember when tournaments were a huge hit ?
Before challenges were interduced tournaments were the best thing in the game .. so competitive .. huge prizes .. players from all over the world ..free to enter

Now i dont dislike challenges .. they are really fun to play and honestly the best way to spend your gems .. but i miss the excitement from that last 30 minutes of a 15000 cards tournament .. where one win or loss could mean everything

the last tournament I played was a 2000 card ( the biggest available) and I made it to the fifth position .. my reward was a 150 cards chest .. does not really worth it .. out of 1000 players if you were in the top ten (except the first 3 ) you won't get much of a prize .. While before the first 50 spots out of those 1000 had a very good reward

I know SC point of view about this matter .. they want tournaments to be more of a clan private thing .. but frankly the other way before were much better

I had high hopes for a rework in the anniversary update but it didn't happen

Do you agree ? and what do you think of the current State of tournaments ?

Please check Keithustus comment for his cool ideas

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