I miss old Rat

I was just watching some of the old god reveals and stumbled upon Rat's, and remembered what a fun and interesting god he was! He had such great personality, even if he was either broken or useless, now he is just so bland and unfun to play as, with and against! He just doesn't feel like Rat anymore, he feels like a random squirrel from some cartoon. Goddammit, i really miss old rat, i really think that rework was a terrible decision, not only because i don't like the new rat, but because it's another instance of Hirez not fixing stuff, but redoing or outright removing what they can't fix.

I'm not going to sit here and ask or hope they bring him back, they won't, because another thing Hirez does is not going back on their decisions (especially balance changes). What i'm going to do however is ask Hirez to stop being lazy with balance changes like they did with Rat and have been doing a lot more recently. Fix things properly, don't restrict items to level (like relics, pots and consumables) or to class (like the melee only items) because you can't balance them to all circumstances, or do stupid changes (like Tyr's stance) and then nerf something else instead of reverting things that clearly didn't work. Not having old Rat right now feels really bad (for me at least) and i really don't want to look back during Season 6 at something i found fun, unique and interesting right now and remember that Hirez removed it from the game because they preferred a somewhat "balanced" game than a fun one.


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