I made it, as the first level 10 in Germany! But, I’m also in trouble.


After playing since launch, I have finally reached my goal to become the best lvl 10 player in Germany! As far as I could see there is no other lvl 10 with higher trophies in Germany, but if you know one do let me know of course. My deck is Hog, Fire spirits, E-barbs, Princess, Zap, Inferno Tower, Barbs, Skarmy. My strategy is to get large positive elixir trades with one defense, such as Hog vs. my barbs (+4), e-bars+zap vs my Skarmy+Barbs (+5) and then do a counter push. My troops are very much ground based, so the deck has a weakness against air.

I really like playing clash royale, because well it is the one thing that keeps me going, because I have been suffering from a difficult condition for 2 years now. I have gone to see many doctors, however, they could not find out what I am suffering from. They took blood samples and Brain and abdominal MRIs, but as soon as the result came back normal they stopped looking further and told me to see another doctor. I have met many smart people through CR and maybe one of you knows my condition, that would be amazing.

My symptoms are

  1. Constant pin and needles pain all over my body
  2. Constant muscle twitching all over my body

The problem is that if I only do a few minutes of exercise, those symptoms become much stronger for days or for weeks even. Does any of the Clash Royalers maybe know what the solution could be. I would be very grateful and would love to get my life back and play Clash Royale as a normal human being without pain.

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