I love the old continents of Azeroth so much! From Desolace to Winterspring, and from Stranglethorn Vale to Loch Modan. Please let me do World Quests or Gathering there!

Update to original post – a suggestion:

While scaling the old world and placing new content everywhere would be the ultimate long-term solution, I'd also like the propose the following light-weight concept as a more immediate fix. This could maybe be implemented in 7.3, and is themed around dealing with the aftermath of the Burning Legion invasion. These quests could be cycled out or joined by new quests in the future when the Legion feels less relevant.

  • Something Fishy: a daily Fishing World Quest that sends you to a random zone on Azeroth, Outland or Draenor. You need to fish an amount of a 'Fel-warped' version of certain fish before the quest cycles out and appears elsewhere the next day (e.g. Fel-warped Oily Blackmouth). This is a nice opportunity to revisit one of the older zones every day and enjoy the scenery. You'll complete the quest as you hand the fish to your Fishing NPC in Dalaran.

  • The Azeroth Fel-Fishing Extravaganza: the classic fishing contest from Stranglethorn Vale is reborn in a big way. Every weekend, you are requested to catch an amount of 'Fel-warped' versions of different fish species from around Azeroth. This is in an effort to clean the oceans, as the recent Burning Legion invasion polluted much of the environment. You'll have to figure out for yourself in which zones to catch the fish, but the names of different fish will give you clues (e.g. Fel-warped Glacial Salmon). Fish are BoP, and there are prizes for whoever meets the quota first and for the one who catches the most of every type of fish.

  • Surviving Fallout: a World Quest for Herbalists that tasks you with finding a few 'Pristine' samples of a herb somewhere on Azeroth, Outland or Draenor (e.g. Pristine Earthroot). You simply need to gather from regular nodes of the requested herb until you discover the rare 'Pristine' sample, which will complete the World Quest once handed in to your Herbalism NPC in Dalaran.

  • Cut it Out: a World Quest for Miners that requests of you to mine a specific type of mineral node on Azeroth, Outland or Draenor until you discover a few samples corrupted by 'Fel-dust' (e.g. 'Fel-dusted gold ore)', in order to save the planet's minerals from corruption. The World Quest is completed once the item is handed to your Mining NPC in Dalaran.

  • It's for Your own Good: this is a world Quest for Skinners. Like the two described above, but instead involves skinning until you've found a few 'Glowing' specimens (e.g. Glowing Bear Hide). The World Quest is completed once you hand in your samples to your Skinning NPC in Dalaran.

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