I legitimately don’t understand the dislike of re-rolling.

For anyone who was not around in HOW era or earlier, you used to be able to take any weapon, and at the gunsmith, re-roll it for new perks, removing all progress on it.

I for one thought it was the golden age of destiny weapon usage. You could roll any weapon you wanted into a god roll. You were never stuck with whatever you happened to be given by rng.

Weapon testing was at its height. You didn't have to wait to see the difference between a rifled barreled and a smallbored gun, holding onto a million possibly good drops. We could easily compare weapons and perks.

I saw a great many complaints that it made the game stale, and we all ended up getting god rolls, and it broke the game. I find this argument completely inane. If the roll is broken, then its broken whether one person has it or everyone has it. Besides in the normal course of the game, nearly everyone got what was broken anyways. How many max range agg ball matadors are there? how many hcr clever dragons were there even without rerolling? No rerolling just left the unlucky few in the dust.

Look at the imago loop farm, its nonsense that people can go 6 months and not get a firefly imago loop. Prison of elders is one of the worst offenders, ranking it depends purely on the week modifier set. And even then, the bounties don't make half a level with a faction rep booster in one week. How many people actually had or have a good wolfslayers claw?

Look at eyasluna, many people have a god roll, myself included. But how many people are farming classic for one, and still don't have it?

People also complain it ruins weapon variety, everyone just uses whats best. What have we had instead? All the most used guns are what the vendor has. There is no variety. 90% of sidearms are the vendor one. Last expansion, 90% of pulses were hawksaws, or the weaponsmith pulse.

I want it back, I think it made balance so much better in the game, especially crucible where people if they invested resources could get on the same playing field as everyone else.

Edit : I agree with people downing weapon parts is un-fun in rerollings old state, and I agree that getting the drop was sweet too. More than anything I want a way to fight the randomness of drops. In a truly rng environment, people can actually never get a certain roll. Even in rerolling days, People would reroll 100x plus. Who wants to get 100+ drops of the same weapon before you get what was desirable. Its the Jim got it on the third try, Tim hasn't on his 500th try 6 months later that I hate more than anything else.

There needs to be some system to fight really bad rng, especially on weapons that are hard to acquire, COE rank up weapons for example, or have really bad rng perk trees, like imago loop, grasp of malok. Rerolling may not be the actual answer, but something is.

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