I just got kicked for the 6th time this evening….

Is it just weekends guys? Are people just retarded on a Saturday?

SIX times I have been kicked from games in the past 4 hours… but I must have done SOMETHING?

Wrong. Im always a good crew member. Calling out what I see, repairing before anything else, supplies and sometimes falling asleep because I've had to stay on pumps all game….

So why was I kicked? Twice for being "afk"… I was on the pumps and we were constantly underwater. Captain wouldn't listen and even though I had top score because of not being able to do anything but pump constantly … still I was "afk". This happened TWICE. On different servers.

Once was for supplying top deck just one time because they were calling for it but I was told to stay down on bottom… just insta rage captain and kicked… control freak?

The other 3 times are pure golden. There's some trolls running around half loading cannons with grapes and then leaving other people to finish loading (ram and push)…. this happened at the start of 3 different games on 3 different servers…

I finished loading cannons.. unaware what shot had been put in prior to me doing so… someone said I was loading the grapes because they saw me finish loading. Nobody would listen, not one, when I explained I only finished loading cannons and I did not put any shots in.

Has anyone else had a retarded experience lately? I've been playing for weeks and it's always been great teamwork but today for some reason it's like a completely different game that I can't even get chance to play without being kicked…

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