I hope this is helpful to everyone!

These are some things which I hope are helpful to a lot of people.

WARNING: Some of these are obvious/ common knowledge. I just want to make sure that everyone can benifit from this post/ learn something new. If any of my information is incorrect, or you disagree with any of my "insights" along the way, please give your suggestions. 🙂

Some in-game tips which might be important to know or are helpful.

  • Read all the keyboard/ controller bindings.
  • VOICE CHAT MODE is automatically set to OPEN MIC on default meaning everyone can hear you if you're loud enough. Change it accordingly in AUDIO settings then scrolling all the way down.
  • Tooltips and controls for vehicles/ drones are at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Sync-Shot is aiming down on the target and pressing "Q." This is also possible in multiplayer co-op
  • You don't need to access an ammo crate to change your loadout; press "I."
  • You can always change your clothes and appearance on-the-go by pressing "G" in the loadout menu.
  • While aiming down on your gun, press "X" to change to a third-person prespective.
  • Pressing down on the middle mouse button changes the camera angle from either left or right.
  • In VIDEO settings, set EXTEND FOV to 100%. This increases your peripheral view.
  • To hide the HUD, press "-" on the numpad. Press again to make it reappear.
  • For users with a surround sound set-up, (5-7 speakers that are essentially all around you) there is an option for audio surround in the AUDIO menu.
  • Set IRON SIGHTS DOF to OFF in the GRAPHICS menu to remove the blur and increase peripheral vision clarity.

– Set BLOOM to OFF in the GRAPHICS menu to remove intense glare from objects that reflect or cast light and increase clarity.

Improving performance in Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands

NOTE: As of 2/5/2017 4:08 AM, Nvidia's SLI seems to be making performance worse for many users. If anyone knows how to make it work properly, please tell.


  • Close out programs that you don't need open while playing the game.

  • In GRAPHICS settings, set the PRESET to LOW.

  • For some, setting the game to FULLSCREEN (NOT BORDERLESS) might increase performance and lower latency.

  • In the KEYBOARD AND MOUSE menu, set LOOK ACCELERATION to OFF. Why? Well, what mouse acceleration does is (numbers are not accurate and are subjective) if you move your mouse 1 inch at a slow speed, the mouse cursor will move 100 pixels. If you move your mouse at a faster speed and same distance, your mouse cursor will move 500 pixels. Basically, movement of the mouse cursor scales on speed of mouse, not so much distance, so you will most-likely be less accurate when aiming. *

  • In VIDEO settings, set VSYNC to OFF. (Although latency is decreased and FPS isn't locked to your monitors refresh rate, minor screen-tearing will appear.) Set REFRESH RATE to the HIGHEST setting, and FRAMERATE LIMIT to OFF.

TIP: There have been claims that turning ON MOTION BLUR increases performance by a small amount because the blurring disables the GPU to render in “full detail.” I don’t know the validity of this, but there have also been claims that setting MOTION BLUR to OFF increases a player’s accuracy in shooter games. Just play around with it and see what fits best for you.

INSIGHT: Although subjective, in the VIDEO settings, I prefer to set the SHARPENING to 0% because it makes the game look less jagged (stair-step effect, which is why anti-aliasing was developed), but for clarity reasons, I usually set it to 1% so it’s not too strong and you can see a little more clearly.

Improving performance/ player performance in Windows.

  • Turn off mouse acceleration through Windows by heading to Windows Search/ Cortana Search, and then typing in “mouse”. Select the one that says “Control Panel” underneath it. At the top, click Pointer Options, and then under Motion, UNCHECK Enhance pointer precision.

  • Make sure your games are utilizing your dedicated GPU, not your integrated GPU.

  • For NVIDIA users, head to the NVIDIA Control Panel (right-click on desktop) and on the left, 3D SETTINGS> Adjust Image Settings with preview> Use my preference emphasizing: Quality> SET THE SLIDER TO Performance.

  • Through Windows Search/ Cortana Search, search “power options” and select High Performance. (Sometimes it’s hidden in Show addition plans.)

  • Makes Windows feel more responsive and increase performance by searching performance through Windows Search and clicking Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows and the top click Visual Effects, check *Custom: and leave boxes 2, 3, 8, 9, and 12 UNCHECKED.

  • In Task Manager, at the top go to Details, right-click GRW.exe and set to High if not done so already.

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