I hope they do some patch to make some enemies more threatening in NG+

Nioh has a powerful character, tons of flexibility of his abilities, and some threatening nemesis enemies… in the beginning. That is. William constantly gets better, unlocks new tools, strategies, weapons and armour, items as he progresses through the game. This is a nice sense of progression as you grow stronger. And mostly you getting better at the game, but there's one problem. Enemies don't get better.

In the beginning of Nioh the enemies can come out as pretty dangerous, they can kill you very easily. You're fragile and you need to find proper openings not to die when trying to attack. But as you go on, you realise how predictable some of them can be, such as the standard Yokai or One-Eyed Oni. Shame because they look scary as fuck, but once you learn, they are just normal enemies that can be danced around with your stylish attacks. The Tongue-monks can be pretty dangerous as they require extra-keen'es to exploit their hitboxes. But even then, the enemies just don't have enough to them. And can come out as incredibly easy once you git gud

Since Nioh lacks a large arsenal of enemies you have to know the weakness of. But I think the main problem lies in them being too merciful and easy. They don't have insane combo moves to pull out quickly, they don't have large lunge attacks or perhaps a near oneshot attack, sometimes we want the game to be sadistically mean to us. Most of us Nioh players may've come from Dark Souls, another game that is labelled as "hard". But Dark Souls kind of grows with the player as you progress, enemies get stronger and smarter with new ones introduced, not increased in amount of ganks(Well… not always)

I think Nioh really would do well if there was some Patch that made enemies like the Tengus, One-Eyed onis, Onryoki and the normal Yokais much more aggressive and relentless in their attacks, show less "Hit me hit me!" signs, make them suddenly throw out another attack sometimes, decrease their recovery from some attacks. William is strong, but the enemies need to be strong too. Give them a bit of insanity to them and make them truly relentless, like William himself. But keep all of this as a NG+ feature. It doesn't actually neccessarily need to be "new attacks", not at all, make them throw out attacks in different ways sometimes, or just faster like Monster Hunter's Frenzy/Apex system, perhaps pure RNG because William has the tools to avoid that, unlike in Dark Souls where patterns are very important due to your lack of agility.

The DLC has shown some promising enemy variations thus far with some elemental variations, I REALLY hope they don't have a gimmick ice-ball attack that can be avoided by literally walking to the side. Incorperate their elemental capabilities into their movesets, make them some times do some ice-floor-bursting attacks. But I believe in Team Ninja. They arent neccessarily bad develepors, we know they can do this.

Sorry for randomly long post, just needed to vent, Nioh is amazing but it deserves more difficult enemies that are sadistically difficult. The 2 new enemies may be that, and I hope so. I wish they made Derricks second phase a normal Yokai enemy.

So long, and see you in the DLC

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