I hope the negative stigma of the Hindu community goes away this year.

With the release of a certain highly praised upcoming god, it makes me hope that people will start to not fear the Hindu community.

It's apparently been a thing that ever since the whole Kali incident, people think Hi-Rez is afraid of adding Hindu gods. On top of that misinformation, people started to think that the Hindu community hates Smite and the entire religion is against us. The people who protested the Hindu pantheon were from a small protest group who protests a lot of Hindu representation. I do believe they were the same group who protested the Devi Symmetra skin from Overwatch. That being said…

That isn't true.

A lot of people in the community are FROM the Hindu community and gladly welcome their gods. Most of the ones I've met actually desire to have a lot more Hindu representation in Smite, because it spreads culture.

Hi-Rez isn't afraid of adding gods or of upsetting the Hindu community, it's just very risky. It's one of the world's largest religions and their gods are very sacred, messing them up is a big no-no. Shiva cannot be a sexualized ice goddess, Garuda cannot be a thicc bird with tiddies, Varuna can't be a surfer guy, etc. Hi-Rez takes liberties with designs and with Hindu gods it's a little more risky to do that. They aren't afraid of the Hindu gods, they're just a little more wary of how they go about doing them. On top of that, a lot of Hindu gods are more complex than the general gods we see every day. They have an array of strengths and powers and notably very detailed designs.

I hope this clears things up and I hope we can understand the Hindu pantheon a lot better starting this year.

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