“I have played thirty minutes of a one stage beta and I have decided Ubisoft has been doing nothing for four years”

Lets try to keep this kind of talk to a minimum. Not for sure why some of you subscribe to this subreddit given that you haven't liked the game from the first reveal from E3.

I would like to discuss certain problems in the game and not just claim that these developers have wasted four years of their careers or that the game is WAY to easy. Its literally the first three(?) missions of the game, get over yourself.

The beta doesn't reflect the full final version of the game so it shouldn't cause you to pass judgement on the full final version of the game.

Now that I have got that off my chest,

-The driving and piloting needs work for sure. But this gets me from point A to point B and not a crucial part of the game.

-Bullet physics is interesting to say the least. It will take some getting used to but I am sure that is a work in progress.

-AI is much more aware then I gave them credit for after watching gameplay.

-The Team AI is pretty bad but wasn't expecting it to revolutionize the industry.

I haven't played co-op yet. Looking forward to it though 🙂

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