I have a spare code for Uplay and I’m giving it away

I have just finished up the my initial review of Wildlands and have a spare code left for the game on PC (UPlay). I already had it pre-ordered so didn't use it. Thanks to Ubisoft for providing them initially. (I'm not plugging/advertising anything, so not including any mention or links to my site)

I figured a giveaway was in order and I've been lurking on here for a good while as I awaited the game, so I wanted to provide someone here with a chance to win a copy of the game.

Most likely a good portion of people here already have the game, but maybe a family member or friend would love to join you.

Thanks to the mods (/u/scudd and /u/AstralSailor) for their help. I'm using the same rules that have previously been used, so entering is just a matter of including a top level comment below.

Requirements for the Giveaway:

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday the 7th of March 2017 @ 3pm Irish Time / 10:00 AM EST.

All top-level comments directly to this post are considered entries unless you specifically state Not In in your comment, with the following restrictions:

  • Your account must be at least one months old.
  • Multiple top-level comments will result in disqualification.
  • Obvious use of alt accounts or other attempts by the same person to enter multiple times will result in disqualification for all involved accounts. ****

Only one entry per person! Please do not use alt accounts for better odds of winning!

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