I have a closed beta key to giveaway.

Hey guys

So I've been blessed to have been given 3 keys to giveaway. I can send proof if you need it.

I was going to wait until 5:30pm GMT to give the keys away, but I realise people will want to have the game downloaded by then. So I'm going to bring the giveaway forward.

However, I'm doing 1 key now, and 2 when I jump on stream later today.

All you have to do to enter is follow me on twitch, I'll put all the most recent follow names into a hat, and will twitch PM you if you've won. Simple as that. I'll pull the names out at 12pm GMT. The people who follow and don't win now, will still be put in the hat for the second giveaway.

Follow me on www.twitch.tv/sliceofmoose

Good luck!

Edit 1: First key given away. Fo0lish please check your twitch whispers. You've got 30 mins until the key is back up for grabs.

Edit 2: First key wasn't claimed. /u/Arjackov Arjackov you've got 30 minutes.

Edit 3: Seems like NO ONE WANTS A KEY?! 3rd tike lucky, twitch.tv/agony04 you've got 30 minutes. I'v PMed you.

Edit 4: First key claimed. Key 2 and 3 to be announced on stream once i'm live at 17:30pm.

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