I feel like the combat is missing something.

To me melee combat feels very 1 dimensional, everyone is kind of the same and there is no real distinct styles to it at all, no way to specialise or focus or whatever. the only exception is bows, as they take actual player skill to aim and dodge so each person you come against could be different to the last in terms of ranged combat. but melee combat just feels a bit ‘bleh’.

Just swish swish swish with left mouse. . How to fix that is a tricky one, you could move the combat more towards mount and blade, where the direction of your body affects your swing as well, making movement and positioning a lot more important.

Or you could move towards to combat in a very old game called ‘Die by the sword’ where as now your mouse controls where you’re looking but if you press a modifier key the mouse then controls your weapon, so you could hold right mouse and then push your mouse forward to raise your weapon and pull back to swing it down, or initially pull your mouse back and then forward for a thrust .etc .etc

Or you could go the way of war of the roses where different keys are used for different attack types and combat is mostly about positioning and weapon type, different weapons favouring different attack types and ranges.

The worst option, IMO, would be to go towards something like Age of conan or Rift where I feel you lose the more engaged, visceral, feel of melee combat because it’s just pushing a series of buttons in the right order to generate attacks, I call it finger dance dance revolution and it was the primary reason I stopped playing both of those games.

1 of the first 3 styles of doing melee combat in a game, or a combination thereof, would be my preference. But right now combat is pretty boring IMO and usually in online games I’m all about the pvp.

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