I feel like the biggest f-ing a-hole right now (admin)

Ok, so my server has been having repeated issues – sporadically. It comes and goes.

Today it was absolutely perfect until one of the regulars joins, asks "hows the lag" server immediately crashes. Then repeatedly screwed as he rejoins.

So we leave it down for an hour. Put it back up, immediately 15 players, no lag everythings great. All of a sudden it starts lagging / timing out – check player list. This guy has joined.

I say in side chat (as we joked about it before) "NAME i really think its you, can you dc and validate files" so he leaves server – everything is fine.

He joins back 15 mins later (while im looking at server logs – multiplay) see a 60 second time out. Check server, he joined 1 min 15 seconds ago.

So – somehow, this one player can completely destroy a server.

Im so angry about it as he was a good player and nice guy and ive obviously had to ban him for the sake of the other 40-70 people playing here.

Sorry NAME – if you read this 🙁

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