I don’t want to go back to H1Z1:KOTK.

I can barely run this game, but already I love it more than KOTK, which I have 1500+ hours on

It essentially has every good feature that KOTK has without any of the bad plus all its own features!

(Ex.) Attachments,

More weapons, shoulder swapping, leaning,

deepwater/swimming & Boats,

people render in from "any" distance—(Unlike Kotk where it forces how far u can see a character even if you have max setting and render distance up),

The map drop in is more fair for everyone else compared to h1

more vehicles

Changing Weather

No Bleeding but also no crafting bandages which I like.

Bigger map then kotk

Ability to set drop distance on guns!

I really like how it forces you to have 2 primaries, a pistol, melee, then nades. Instead of letting us do whatever with all slots.

The fact you can use the walk to be more quite then normal

You can revive teammates!!


and just much much more!!

I have 1500+ hours played on H1Z1 KOTK and even more if you consider h1 before the split… and yess I first played h1 when PlayerUnknown was involved and just kept playing since it was the only Battle Royale Game….. BUT I CAN NOT WAIT TO DROP H1 FOR THIS GAME!!!!!

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