I didn’t care for the Daubeny joke until…

My friend mains one of the most excellent lawbringers I've ever seen. I was spectating him in an elimination match, and the warden he was fighting 1v1 turned tail and ran even though my friend was the only player left.

I watched him chase the warden down as he screamed through the mic, "DAUBENY!!! FIGHT ME DAUBENY!"

He literally plowed through a spam-keeper and a conq-bro, thrusting his versatile tip into the conq-bro and running him off the cliff, then parrying the overhead, wolverine-esque power jump attack of the spam-keeper and taking her by her throats and hucking her off the cliff as well.

Thorough the mic I hear shouting, "DAUBENY! THESE MEN DON'T HAVE TO DIE! FIGHT ME DAUBENY!" As the warden observed from a safe distance the overwhelming versatility presented before him. He turned tail and ran.

Next, another warden attempted his try at my friend. Before Daubeny could double team my friend, my friend has thrown the warden into the wall, hit him several times and finished the non-Daubeny warden off with a not-so-swift Ad mortem, inimicus!

"IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY DAUBENY!" My friend yelled as the non-Daubeny was held suspended 8 feet off the ground on the tip of versatility.

Daubeny turned tail and ran.

My friend calls in his versatile catapult while yelling, "SHOW YOURSELF DAUBENY!"

The catapult snipes the head of the fleeing Daubeny. I hear a sigh as the victory music plays,

"Oh Daubeny…"

These memes hold a near and dear place to my heart now.

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