I created an Osiris Matchup App for Android for checking enemy stats

Hi everybody,

recently I was curious about Android app development and dived into that. So after a few test apps I tried to do something Destiny related and made an app similar to Destiny Trials Report (huge credit to the creators of this awesome website and also to the creator of Ishtar Commander – my favorite item manager) for checking out your enemy team. I'm not a professional programmer so there are still a lot of bugs and issues with it.

But maybe some of you might find it useful.

Here is the link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.cornholio.api_test_1

Or just search the Google play store for "Osiris matchup".

What you can do:

  • search fireteam by entering the name of one player

  • see their current chars and stats (some stats are account-wide)

  • click on one player's emblem to check some more details

  • click on a recent match to see some stats or long-click a match to see even more stats

  • enter a different name for one of the displayed players and hit the refresh button to check this different player

  • on main screen click the Osiris-eye logo to change settings

On to-do list:

  • get active weapon perks and display them

  • improve inventory and match details screens

  • check if the weekly Osiris reset today is working for weekly stats

  • somehow try to get flawless count in any way that doesn't involve checking millions of match statistics (that's a real pain if anyone got any idea on how to do this then I would highly appreciate it)

My first ever android app – any feedback is welcome!

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