I caved and bought the game. Overall: pleasantly surprised.

My only big complaints so far, is wishing I could move the camera just a touch further behind my character and a re-work of how land claiming works.

Otherwise, my first foray into things went pretty well, had to restart once due to a bug not letting me collect any materials and I died fairly quickly 4 times before I actually got somewhat settled or at least comfortable that I could kill stuff and not starve.

Finding land to claim was near impossible, but I did pick a populated server and when I did find some and had a house and campfire set up it was deemed too close to a clans giant fortress and thankfully one member said he wouldn't kill me but couldn't promise his other clan members wouldn't so he gave me some materials and sent me on my way (thanks man!)

Spent an hour or more wandering around homeless before I died to a glitching Hyena (which was the first time lag/glitching was my cause of death via an animal the other time were due to not having a sword..) but I enjoyed having to survive off of my own merit even though I wished I could have made a base and settled in more, the land claiming system is a little broken I think. I wish we had an option to see boundary lines at the push of a button for a nearby building. Would help one spend less time running around trying to find a plot of land that has room for more than a bed roll.

Otherwise I look forward to a larger map and other discussed features. As well as less things and animals popping in and out and teleporting haha. I've never played Ark or Rust so I don't have much experience with survival games.

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