I cannot understand how anyone can purposely try to cost their team a win…especially while winning

I honestly cannot fathom how much of a whiney man child you have to be to do this type of shit. In a conquest match, let alone a ranked match. I seriously don't understand it. I've left a few games before, 99% of the time it was because I had something suddenly come up but never as a rage quit and never anything in ranked. I have over 2500+ conquest games and something I've never done, intentionally feed, intentionally cost my team a win or do anything that is detrimental to the game.

Today I had a Thanatos in ranked who tried to do just that….while we were winning. It was a rough start, thanatos getting pissed at me for going CDR boots into gem of iso on Zeus. We were losing early but we started to win team fights, then all of a sudden Thanatos goes off into the enemy jungle with no wards to clear a camp and dies. It prompted a "wtf" from everyone else on the team…and there were people who had said nothing all game. Then when he respawns he does it again after we all warned him. up comes a surrender vote which is immediately voted no. This is while we have the enemy teams phoenix down and were trying to group up for a FG, but its still really close. No one surrenders, he ask for a pause and when we ask why, he says he doesn't want to play with us anymore. Then starts ranting and raving that he carried us and if we keep talking he'll leave.

Well we….I, stop the enemy team at our phoenix with a triple kill and we chase the other 2 opponents down. I tell Thanatos he might as well be afk since we didn't need him and he literally DC's. This was a game that was in the bag, in ranked and he DC's on purpose.

I've been pissed before, angry that I didn't play a game the rest of the day but I've NEVER been so angry, bitter, butthurt or mad that I try to ruin a match. Never have I sat at a fountain because people weren't surrendering. (I've done that when we've had several DC and it's a clear 10 min surrender) but never because we're doing bad.

tl;dr I honestly cannot understand how anyone can purposely try to ruin someones game in ranked because they're mad at their team.

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