I believe PVPBlitz is the way developers intended the game to be played and here’s why.

Think about it:

  • Officials are filled with derelict bases that people abandoned after they got raided (ragequit) or got bored. This is fixed on PVPBlitz servers since they reset monthly.

  • Avatars are designed to wipe an entire base in seconds. When you have a no-wipe server where people poured months into their work to have it destroyed it seems unfair that a god can instantly destroy it. On PVPBlitz servers having your base wiped is not the end of the world. You can either rebuild since it takes far less time, or you can move to the next PVPBlitz server where you can catch up faster.

A lot of people see the bases on Conan as permanent. I think the developers see the bases as temporary or just as an expendable tool that facilitates your PVP needs (armors, weapons, gods etc) instead of an impenetrable fortress.

The idea behind PVPBlitz servers is that people will fight early and fight constantly. I see it as a constant struggle for "first place" between clans. Today we raid you, tomorrow you might raid us. The next few days we might yog you and that's fine because you can rebuild faster and get your revenge and yog us. A lot of fun and constant rivalry between clans and a struggle for "first place". Then the month is over and the race restarts for who will take the 'first place'. This time you learned from your mistakes and you build better, or in another spot, or approach the game differently.

A lot of people see this game as Ark where if you're in a big enough clan you can literally have an impenetrable and indestructible safe heaven. Funcom doesn't want to have that and thus we have gods.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Rust is also based around wipe cycles and I think Conan was also intended to be played around wipe cycles.

To be honest I would push this even further and bring on servers that have different reset cycles at different times. You could have servers that reset weekly, bi-monthly and monthly. Also staggered servers so each resets at different times of the month instead of all resetting on the 31st (for example).

Unfortunately people don't like pvpblitz servers for whatever reason and that can be perfectly seen by the fact that almost all pvpblitz servers are emtpy.

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