I am tracking the “Love is in the Air” drops of 50 characters per day. Here is the spreadsheet, updated live.

I've been after the Big Love Rocket since it was introduced (minus one year of hiatus). Typically, I have around 3-6 characters at max level for the event. This year the level requirement was dropped to 16, so I decided to go all out. I wanted to keep track of the drops, so I made a thing.

Click here for the spreadsheet!

Tabs at the bottom separate gold/love tokens/other drops. Green cells indicate kills that granted a level. Totals and averages are only available for gold and token drops at the moment.

Note: The only gold I have been counting comes from the heart-shaped box; i.e. I am not counting gold rewarded from the kill itself or from queue completion. This is mostly because I didn't do it for the first day and I wanted to remain consistent.

If those extra sources of gold are important to anyone, all characters have received 4-6g per boss kill regardless of level. The queue completion reward scales with level. The lowest characters have received around 18s while max level characters received around 33g.

As for drops themselves, I have decided to spare myself a bit of sanity and have lumped all perfumes/colognes together rather than list them by name.

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