I am lost in NG+ with builds/grinding/desirable stats. Please help

I had great fun in normal walkthrough and started with NG+. Farmed some revenants and collected Red Demon Armor set and the spear also. I upgraded it to +1 it has A+ body scaling. Heavy attack buffs (damage& break) and grapple damage.

I am lost with desirable stats, builds, how to level fast and efficiently without cheese etc. I have tried search but could not find the answerS I am looking for. I would really appreciate if you can answer at least some questions that I have.

-Are all 4 weapon types viable for endgame ? Any top builds ? -Should I try to keep upgrading my +1 spear ? Should I farm revenants ? Farm missions ?

-Which stats are desirable for picking weapon and armor ? Especially weapon ? Can I get both damage from behind or A+ scaling on stat ? Are heavy/mid/low attack damage good ?

-What about armor ? I understand attack is good and people try to inherit it. What about other stats ? On some gear I found shorten Ki recovery time, is it good ?

-Should I sell/dismantle the revenant gear I find or try to use them for soul matching my main gear ?

-Is soul matching divine armour worth it ?

-Let's say I got a really good +1 weapon with inheritable A stat scaling. Should I look for a weapon +1/+2 etc but without inheritable stat to soul match it ? Otherwise my A stat scaling would be gone, right ?

Thanks for your time and good hunting dear samurai's.

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