HZD Ideas for future DLC for Devs. Feel free to add more if inspired.

  • Offer the chance to fight machines in the sun ring tournament style working from weakest to a corrupted storm bird or thunderjaw.
  • Random bandit patrols that are threatening towns
  • Make better use of the furthest points on the map with a mysterious hunter that grants weapons to those who demonstrate that they can use the lesser weapon.
  • Have random machines that are level 30 – 50 roam around and you have to find them "redmaw" for example. The scrapper den in the nora sacred land thats directly west of rost's house could be perfect, as there is no real reason to go that way; could be a great place to put a level 25 scrapper as a taste of what will come once anointed and able to leave. Would be great to have attached to hunter lodge quests or have a rank that might unlock mods.
  • Have the chance to obtain an Extra mod that can be put onto a weapon once, this one allows you to already have 2 arrows drawn when that weapon is selected.
  • Buy larger stacks of resources from merchants at 1 time (100 stacks)
  • Machine scavenger boxes offer different rarities.
  • The ability to throw traps, and have them in the weapon wheel.
  • Collecting hearts of machines and using them to trade to a tinkerer for resources and eventually accumulating enough. you can the option to buy/call a mini Sawtooth as an ally.
  • This ones probably been discussed, 2nd play through with higher level monsters and rewards.
  • Rare Salamander machine thats hiding in a lake – offers a quest to get an item
  • Quest: to acquire an item that lets your focus pulse when used, to identify points of interest and scan weak points on machines (more on an end game item) might be related to a tinkerer aswell.

  • Quest: Become a Banuk machine whisperer, override one of each type of classes PSI to Zeta and have each kill another machine.

  • Armour = Longleg inspired that reduces fall damage moderately or altogether. Have miniature wings on the back depicting an angle (longleg wings), blue metal tinge/white machine parts, a lot of machine parts on the legs and back, maybe increase sprint slightly.

  • Weapon: Stealth bow, using stalker parts for arrows that are more stream line with more velocity reducing contact time. Ammunition Blinding arrow (machines with scanners will still use scanners), shackle (humans only), trap deploy (shoots traps to target location).

  • Quest line: Bandits have acquired a semi operational tank and retro fitted machine weapons to make it a war machine in an effort to reclaim lost land that Aloy has created.

  • Quest – Have the chance to challenge Tallanha for sun hawk of the hunters lodge. Timed kills on zeta machines. Ultimately she falls in battle to a stormbird and you have to find her, kill the bird and then you renounce the hunters lodge sun hawk to another.

  • With the call mount you can choose which your own customisable mount, tribal war paint, armour and machine parts (all that have to be collected). Also unlock slots to store heavy weapons that you collect on it, with reduced ammo due to space.

  • Of course GAME PLUS PLEASE.

Thanks for reading 😀 (potato)

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