HZD broke something :(

BUT, it broke something in a good way.

You see, not too long ago I had a number of excellent PS4 games in progress, and if I made it through a game and finished it to my satisfaction I always had another game to turn to, something new to explore and have fun with.

Then I got HZD, and started playing it. I got so enthralled with the game that I actually haven't opened up any other since I got HZD on day 1. I had just come off finishing Uncharted 4, which was amazing, but HZD is just SO GOOD that I really have no desire to play anything else. I finished HZD and looked around at the other games I have available, and just don't care about them. Those other games aren't as pretty, the controls aren't as good, the stories aren't as interesting, their action and fighting isn't as polished.

Instead, I just keep playing HZD, exploring, doing the little errands and quests I didn't get to, finding little trinkets and vantage points, just wandering around to look at the beautiful world. HZD broke my ability to play other games, and while tiny part of me looks at the icons for those other games on my PS4 and feels a little guilty, the rest of me just says "hells yeah, let's run around and kill more dinos!!!!"

Hats off to Guerrilla for making such a truly, deeply, amazingly awesome experience.

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