Hyborian Age PVP! Check us out if your into PVP/RP

H.A.P – Is made up of several server admins from various servers launched at the start-up of Conan. After a variety of rule sets and server hosts we've crafted a truly one of a kind server and we're ready to share it with the steam community. A lot of us have invested thousands of hours in the "survival" genre, with games like : Ark, Rust, H1z1, Minecraft, Unturned, Dayz and the list can go on for ever. Name it we've hosted it! Now we introduce Conan Exiles. Hyboria rises one again. Thank you for checking us out and we encourage everybody to stop by and join the new age. The Hyborian Age

The purpose of our Conan Exiles server is to create a unique environment with individuals interested in the good ol' fashion player vs. player interaction(PVP). We wish to promote an atmosphere where the battle and aggression between players has purpose. Govern your own laws, fight for resources and land, embrace alliances and go to war against arch rivals. Make "raiding" a thrilling experience than just narcissistic selfish act to destroy all. We do enjoy mindless random fighting but why just be another server up for 1-2 weeks and on to the next for a wipe? This server is not for "new" players even though we will assist and teach anybody interested in experience Hardcore Conan PVP. Things wont be easy.

A lot of players have questions about our view on roleplay (RP). We do not want to take to a community of long drawn out actors and comedians like most RP players are known for. Hyborian Age doesn't want a social fan-fare. We are barbaric fighters, noble warriors who live and breathe cataclysmic chaos all while adhering to the laws of Hyboria and seeking to compete with outside savages. We do not want a safe space for peace and quiet, we do not want that pure PVE minecraft nonsense, but rather a turbulent arena for well-mannered conflict. While we are not your average ‘role-players’ for those that roleplay you are always welcome here and are to be treated with due respect. It's your own world out there, play it how you want. But play it for a purpose.

Having said the above I must restate that the goal here is to have a server of warring factions, murdering or all sorts, Acts of role-play heroic or not so heroic enhancing the experience. Create bounties, Setup jobs and create culture among everyone. We're not here to just be your "server" because it's a fresh wipe, we intend to be your new realm. Your home. We are not heavy on moderation or admin panel interaction. We have no plans to enforce etiquette unless its totally abhorrent and toxic behavior. Remember to treat people like humans while embracing what it means to be a savage. Solve your quarrels in the world of Hyboria's Age.

We look forward to seeing you Exiles!

Server name : Hyborian Age PVP – Wipe 2/22 Harvest x2

IP Address:

Host: Streamline Server HPGS – Prioritized

Slots: 40

We're 100% confident there's no admin abuse or negative experience with authority! So please tell us how you feel in the feedback and reviews!



Steam Community : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hyborianagepvp

Community Discord : https://discord.gg/pEsvrD7

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