[HUGE SPOILER] [RANT] finished everything, 9S ruined the whole game for me

I wrote this on gamefaqs. just wanna share with you guys, sorry for having 'wrong' opinion.

cant spoiler this dunno how to do it.

<route A is pretty good. route B is getting boring with simply inferior character, but hey at least machines backstories, so i can tolerate that. and then start of route C is just so hype with a lot of reveals "the real game just started" vibe and androids downfall… until A2 finished off 2B and 9S is just there with the perfect timing possible and anime cliche misunderstanding, turning him into horrible, horrible 9Sasuke. personality wise at least.

and then what do we got? A2 doing nothing but killing time (and cool pacific rim battle btw) while 9S, being angsty edgelord the whole route unlocking tower 1 by 1 by 1 and finding 'plot twist' that… we already know just with additional extra info. it doesn't add anything relevant to the plot whatsoever. and then he become even more sasuke and being utter failure in every single ending. he reminds me of Oscar from the recent Tales of Berseria, which is the most garbage character btw.

and then here comes the cliche "believe in humanity!!!!" true ending where everything is actually fine and hey everyone is alive now!

but the worst? we played more than half of the games with inferior, most boring character who become the most annoying horrible sasuke clone 9S, who should've died multiple times already if not for miracle hacking plot device. all his combat, hack and personality are just so annoying.

instead of that, it would be great if we can just take control of A2, playing in her perspective, learning about her and what she is doing this whole time and then continue past route A & B to find more twist etc etc. A2 is such a wild feisty lady with a lot of wasted potential in this game. and in C ending? she just went full 180 and twist her whole character completely, saving 9S and save the world "wow so beatiful!!!".

when I just controlled A2, i was thinking "wow this game might become really 9/10 good real soon" but then the game just utterly disappointed me. 6/10 from me overall thanks to 9S. fortunately there are bunch of NPC and sidequests stories which are actually better than any of our main characters.

i feel like there are more to say but I forgot

that's all thx for reading

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