How to tweak Kuzenbo

So Kuzenbo has been out for a bit now, and the general consensus is that he is weak, and that his kit has no synergy. I love the heck out of the guy, his potential to move people around is great and he's got a bunch of fun little aspects especially with the richochet nenekappas and am having a lot of fun with him, but he does need something.

With the 4.3 patch, he's gaining a little bit of strength and the ability to pull out spikes during CC, but that's probably not going to be enough for him in the long run. So I thought I'd put together a comprehensive list of the ideas people have had on what could be done to make him better. This is not a list where "he needs all these things" but a case where even just one of them would probably make a difference for him by providing actual synergy and cohesion to his kit,

Kuzenbo as a whole still needs something that purely buffing his damage won't do, unless they up the damage of ALL his attacks into overpowered, but then he'll need nerfs. And yes, take it for granted that "boost the damage" is an option on any of his current existing moves to make him better but that doesn't aid his actual synergy at all.

Suggestions I've seen tossed around include (I don't agree with several of these but I've seen them suggested)


  • nenekappas having a stun/slow, some form of CC, Maybe bounce synergy,giving them a slow for a direct hit ( just for some easy to land CC) and a root for one bounce so there's something to the skill shot.
  • nenekappas also getting reflect spikes.
  • the health bar for a per hit bar like kaldr. (I don't think this would help at all and doesn't work well for summoned rather than permanent minions.)


  • having a taunt (to make people attack him when he is reflecting).
  • spikes having a 1s root around him.


  • push doing damage on impact (make the move more successful at doing damage consistently… and actually capable of working in Arena)
  • push being able to push multiple enemies like Tyr's push does or Chiron's knock away.
  • also receive cooldowns from spikes like the nenekappa do
  • have an even longer dash for even further pushing/chasing since the ult is shorter now. (Not as long as Vamana's 5 seconds, but longer than it is,.)


  • ult sucks enemies in instead of just pushing them around randomly (that would turn him into Hades, probably not a good idea.)
  • ult lasts longer to push enemies further (They just shortened it while adding up front damage, not happening)

One or two of those (but NOT all of them) would fix him right up to have proper synergy and feel better overall..

Are there any others?


-He absolutely needs some form of CC. Be it on the 1 or the 2 or even the 3, he needs SOMETHING. That's the main thing.

-Having the nenes mimick what you do by giving them their own spikes seems kind of awkward and iffy to really control, but giving them some CC (maybe after a bounce) seems like a good idea. They're already versatile in that they can attack towers and they'll follow enemies for a while, so that's good, and there are ways to recharge the shot really quickly to fire another. They don't need to be Kaldr.

-I think having a taunt/stun/slow/root on either his 1 or 2 would serve him best… but especially on his 2 (the spikes) as that would force the enemy in place for a moment and make them seriously consider boxing you, while also continuing the theme of "keep them away from the team" and could also lock them in under towers but also giving you a moment to readjust for aiming your next move. It seems like the most potentially versatile bit of help that would pull the whole kit together without drastically changing or breaking him. It would of course have to be a small up close area, not a super wide radius like Kumbakharna or Kali. More like Zong Kui. It would also allow that ability to be an active one and not just a reactive one.

(hey,adding a stun worked for Thoth?)

-The grab doing a hit of damage up front would also be super appreciated. You could make it so it maxes out at two enemy/wall hits instead of three to compensate for that… but it's main function IS as a push and that should be the thing its used for and thought of.

-I think his ult is basically fine, it doesn't need to be turned into Hades or Susanoo. The chaotic nature of it and the push away are the big appeal.

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