How to spot a Lawbro

Lawbro spotting tips:

Apollyon would be really upset with the Lawbro playerbase. When we bump into each other in the battlefield, there's a pause. Both lawbros wait for a sign of peace – Is this the Lawbro I'll spend 15 minutes peacefully emote spamming with?

  • Does he emote spam when you do? No > Kill his ass

  • Is he too aggressive? Yes > Teach him the hard way

  • Does he fight you while spamming emotes? Yes > That's an original lawbro

  • Do you have guard break battles where no damage ensues? Yes > That's an original lawbro

  • Do you act like two dogs at a park when you find/see each other? Yes > That's an original lawbro

  • Instead of joining a 4v4 brawl, do you let your team-mates kill each other and just sit there and emote spam? Yes > That's an original lawbro

  • HRN! –long pause– … HRN! If this happens without any combat inbetween, that's an original lawbro.

  • Do you stand and admire each other's beauty, reading the chat wondering why both Lawbringers aren't doing anything? Yes > That's an original lawbro

  • Rather than kill each other and win an elimination/duel/brawl, do you make both sides of team-mates watch a 5 minute emote spam and tie the round? Yes > That's a very original lawbro

EDIT: I think now is an appropriate time to post this link again. A prime example of penultimate emote spam

I'm running out of stuff. Us lawbro's really help win games.

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