How to point out the importance of teamwork to a selfish stubborn?

The best builder in our group is also the most selfish, stubborn and unwillingly to play as a team one. Having played games with him for a while now, It's something that I've expected to happen sooner or later. But, It's worse than I'd have thought.

  • Our group spent hours on coop, test building on a cliff that we wanted to settle, made a good plan

  • Back to the PVP server we play regularly, most of us arrived the location, and started gathering resources for our builder as planned

  • Main builder is having trouble reaching here, we went ahead and built foundation and staris toward the cliff, so that he could start with base stuff once he's arrived

  • He's here, but Instead of working on the cliff that we've already prepared for, he somehow spent the resources on a totally different cliff, and built himself a main base there (which is vulnerable to raid by jumping from a higher cliff about him, but he won't listen).

  • Nobody liked it, and we kept on working on our plan while left him building on his own sandcastle with partly our resources.

  • His own base has completed, but our planned cliff was still pretty much empty

He's a salty guy, and nobody dares to point out the issues. I tried to talk to him that It's very important to work as a team, and spending valuable resources on different spots is totally not ideal. But he'd either ignore, or yell at me.

Not only did he upset many of us, he pretty much sabotaged the plan that we worked for hours, and put our base at risk, which eventually would lead into a total waste of time. He's one of the primary members, so we can't let go, and I've no idea how to approach the issues with this guy.

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