How to make the most out of National Unity?

I love just about everything about that set.

I love the way it looks.. even though Im still looking for a good looking helmet to go with it.. I love the set bonuses, I love how it promotes the stance dancing together with the peacock spirit to keep the three buffs up, just about everything about it.

But, there in lies the problem at the moment.. While I can see how it's "supposed" to work, I am utterly and completely lost with what skills are best suited to actually go with it. And how one would need to build around it to make the most of it.

I used to play with a dual katana, light armored, discord build. So making the jump to medium armor with a sword and a vastly different playstyle is tripping me up somewhat fiercely.

I am "Just" level 130 at the moment, having more or less just finished the main story and poking around farming some revenants for some divine gear to start out with. Farming the forging recipe for the demon king armor is going to take forever, I can tell already. Does it drop from the main mission or do I have to get my ass kicked by him and his wife together for it?

Two gripes I have however… For that level I currently have, the stuff is HEAVY for medium armor, is it? if my math is correct, I'd need something about 43 stamina to just get below 70% weight. Yeesh..

And that damn peacock spirit. The living weapon feels utterly terrible, compared to Suzaku I was running with before. And the talisman summon also feels dreadfully abyssmal. What does it even DO? It deals like absolutely eff-all damage and doesn't even seem to apply the Wind debuff, either. You'd think with my 30 spirit, it would be a tad more useful. Nobunaga sure used that bird way more flashy.. Bah.

But enough rambling. to the more easily formulated questions…

  1. What would you say are the best armor/sword skills to reforge for to make the most out of the set?

  2. Any stat suggestions, splashing in Ninjutsu or Onmyo to make the build flow more easily?

  3. Is there some kind of secret of the peacock I am not utilizing correctly or is it just bad when summoned?

  4. Any general advice on how to utilize the set for someone who spend most of the game as a nimble ninja before?

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