How to kill heroic gul’dan in a pug (strategy)

I've been running heroic gul'dan in pugs for a few weeks now and I've managed to bring many players through that were lower ilvl than most pugs or lacked aotc. A tank who ran with my group this week started the night 6/10H. Gul'dan died in 10 wipes.

Most "experienced" pugs know the gist of the fight but the gist is what causes a 5-10% wipe. There are some specifics that vastly improve success. I'm hoping this can help more pugs get through.

Before we get started, this is focused on people who have been through to phase 3 but can't get over the hump. A video / attempts in any group will help you understand the basics of the encounter better than these tips. This is for the people wiping in P3. Second, you need voice. Unless you are like a full 905 group with multiple kills, so much shit can go wrong. Someone making reminder calls makes a huge difference.


  • Tank the first add on top of Gul'dan. Stay on Gul'dan and cleave the add. This is important for the enrage later as you will easily shave an extra 5% or so off his health.

  • Hard swap to inquisitor and drag the other 2 adds on top. Inquisitor should die first.

  • Take zero risks in this phase. You cannot afford to burn bres.


  • tanks should trigger an cleave at 35-40 energy.

  • tanks should break their own bonds.

  • Assign 3 melee to interrupt the big add. Don't yolo this. DPS needs to focus on him when eyes aren't up. 4 casts max, hopefully 3.

  • Melee should be killing eyes and in fact should kill the ones furthest away as ranged can't get to them and they have to worry about running in the opposite direction to soak bonds.

  • The 3rd and 4th bonds are tricky and the cause of many P2 wipes. 3rd comes right after eyes and the 4th comes right before eyes. In both cases, do not break bonds until eyes are cast and dead. Once there are 1 or 2 eyes left at low HP call to go break bonds (should die by the time ranged get over to bonds). This has to happen fast as there is liquid hellfire coming soon or a big add spawn. Saving extra buttons for eyes is prudent to help this.

  • All bonds after the 4th should be broken immediately and quickly. You have enough time to do it before the next mechanic.

  • In for bonds, spread for eyes. Chant this in voice until it sticks.


  • When he turns red at the start of this phase that's your last chance to hit your extra button for dps. This helps you run against the wind and get a bit more dps.

  • Fire must go to the outside and never near the Well. If you have to step in existing fire, no problem. The ground effect doesn't do a ton, it's the explosion from dropping on people that does.

  • If you are running from storm and get fire, lag behind a bit. Do not run on top of people. If you drop fire in the storm it just goes away, win win.

  • For the eye after the 1st storm (think it's the 2nd eye), I usually call for potions. Soul soaking needs to happen soon and the eye dying fast helps that.

  • 3rd+4th eye (the ones after the second storm) should be lusted. NOTE that the 3rd eye spawns across the platform right after storm. All dps must run to it.

P3 Soul Soaking

  • What? Soul soaking gets its own bullet? Yup because it is in my experience the true cause of pugs not finishing this boss / having "5% wipes". One soul in the well is likely enough to wipe you on harvest. ESPECIALLY the 3rd harvest.

  • You sacrifice dps to soak souls if you have to. If there are extra breses, soaking extra souls and then ressing that person can help.

  • In my experience the following soak order should be used: healers before first storm, ranged before 2nd storm, melee before 3rd storm with some help from ranged/healers at 2-3 stacks. Gang up on the soak before the 3rd harvest. Even if you get 6 stacks and die, that's better than him casting harvest with a soul in the well.

  • Healers soak the first set because it lines up with an eye being out that must be dpsed and is the least intense point in time for them

  • Ranged soak the second because they can keep dpsing the boss/eyes without issue

  • Melee soak third right after killing the 4th eye. Ranged will usually be high on stacks around here. Storm is coming in like 15s and melee have to run away anyway. It's the time with the least dps loss for melee.

  • After that 3rd storm the 3rd harvest happens immediately. If you are running across and see a soul in the well, sacrifice your life to get that soul if you have to. Blow every personal, every healing cooldown, every bit of mana and resources you have left to stay alive. If that means flash healing yourself as dps, do it. If that means flash healing others as a dps, do it.

  • Congratulations. If gul'dan is at 10% or less and you have ample enrage time (by getting him to like 90-92% in P1), and you have most of your raid alive, (because you popped everything like a champ) you win. He does literally nothing for 1 minute at this point. If you're a bit behind that point, just make sure you drop fires out and ignore the 5th eye spawn if you get it. This past weekend we had like 10 people survive that harvest at 10% hp and then face rolled him to death because he did nothing but melee the tank. This is why sacrificing melee dps uptime to soak souls for the 3rd harvest is so important.

Of note, other successful pugs have such high dps they kill him before the 3rd black harvest. For those of you around 890-895, this is a pipe dream so strong execution and soul soaking is your ticket to victory.

Parts of this strat won't come out pretty on WCL but they will get you kill week in and week out. A strong raid caller for these "corner case" moments and reminding everyone who should currently soak goes a long way.

Any questions, hit me up.

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