How to improve JS without major changes

By this I mean changes that can be done in a period of 1/2 wipes.

  • Remove sc-fi weapon bullcrap
  • Remove rainbow zombie clothing + maybe old model?
  • Stop all current crates from dropping and switch to DLC system (With more realistic clothing), assume this will be the future of skins anyway and only dropping predator and ronan crates just spams our inventories. Lets make a start with this new system.
  • Let us build in cities again and find another fix for these FPS problems, such as zombies attacking bases near cities. (?) Just stopping people from doing something because it just isn't allowed takes away the sandbox feeling to a game.
  • Add back weather! I know it's coming, just wanted to put it on here.
  • Fix zombies FPS problem before higher them, so lower zombie count right now in some really active area's. It isn't a threat, doesn't feel scary, makes everyone lagg. Gamemode idea's
  • Add unlimited clan invites + more player count as clan gamemode
  • Add limited clan invite + same player count as just normal gamemode
  • Remove grouping system + same player count for lone wolf/very small groups gamemode. (This won't stop people from teaming up but would make it harder (over the advantages groups already have over solo players I feel this makes the game much more ballanced))

  • Improve lighting effect, much better darker nights, improved clouds, less colorfull but keep it looking nicely.

  • Add back old car spawning, felt much better than finding cars on random places. Not saying this in necessary much better, just felt better.

  • Maybe some changes to combat such as removing hit markers? Just wanne know thoughts on this…

  • Add fert back to the north compounds

  • Nerf food a bit so people don't have to constantly drop it for other loot to spawn

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