How to always win Vanilla , 2X and 3X Conan.

Farming/Crafting does not offer pvp groups any benefit till late game. These things will only slow you down and is the #1 reason why players aren't level 15+ day 1, It's recommended to always play in a group and find that PVE/Build loving player that will hold the fort down and allow you to power level. I never build until I'm at least 13

Here's what works for me.

Day 1. note: always look behind you on your very first spawn and snag the free waterskin

Levels : 0-5

Spam "e" non stop collect as much branch, rock and grass as you can. obtain level 2 and instantly learn to make twine (make twine non stop from this point any chance you can remember keep pushing out twine) , Collect 200 more grass and then turn it into twine non stop. Once you're level 3 Make your first pick-axe. Continue running around killing EVERY Imp, Rabbit and Baby shellbacks. Start making Fiberroll beds and DO NOT FARM OR CRAFT Then learn the "Sword" (we will quickly replace this with a stone club at 5 or 6), drop fiber rolls in pairs of 2 and kill EVERYTHING, if you die pick your stuff up and keep going. Always remember the bedrolls.

Levels : 5-10

The above section can be done by experienced players in 5-10 minutes. Once you've reach level 5-6 start crossing NORTH EAST, continue the basics – lots of twine but no other crafting and drop fiberolls and kill everything which will be shellbacks, imps, thralls and rabbits,

This next section if repeated will take about 20-30 minutes you'll reach level 10. (experience makes this even shorter) I personally recommend you continue the kill phase until level 13

Level 10-15

Make a bed right away – make a medium sized base to fit the essential building platforms – Fire, Tannery, Blacksmith, Armory and furnaces.

Dedicate the rest of your time slaying GREY/BLACK spiders and hyena's, the region will host a lot of large shellbacks and gazelles. kill everything

Weapon of use? Stone Club why? because you swing the same speed as a sword that does only 30 and do 36. Abuse this till the nerf comes like we did on the stone maul.

Levels 15-25

The next phase is where the game loses significant balance and people are racing for power. You should easily be here within 1-2 hours double this if it's Vanilla. This next phase will take that same amount of time. Make an IRON PIKE and relocate a new official base north west OR north east, west will provide better resources and thralls options. East has easier blood farm options, SPIDERS which im going to talk about next and alot more "mini-camps" that contain level 4 thralls. First I recommend a trip WEST to the city of set with your pike, proceed to pull an entire section of mobs – walk up the wooden ladder/rafters and create a safe position you can "pike" your foes from, players can sometimes pull half the city, relishing the XP gains in quick fashion. (east will use small camps and the rock-ship.) Once you've reach 20 we're done with thrall farming SPIDERS will now be the primary source of farm for east people, stack ambrosia and potions and slay them all! GREEN/PURPLE SPIDERS first, NEON GREEN SPIDERS NEXT and then graduate to YELLOW / RED SET SPIDERS as they yield stupid amounts of XP. – inexperienced players will die a lot and find these methods frustrating. this is for experienced players who know how to position and stay alive in combat.

Day #2 Levels 25 – 50

unite with equal players of power and ask them to switch to production (or if your in a group) simply have somebody able to fuel the "base" – while you're busy power-leveling using above methods, follow the spiders and rock kings till 50. it'll only take one final day.

Spiders and Thrall cities will be the best practice until 50 – spiders are the best and quickest due to large numbers, heavy re-spawns and lack of players willing to risk death by poison. Plus they tend to lead you to really really cool locations that hosts….. much BIGGER stuff. 😉

I've personally done this on countless servers so it's personally proven and tested to work for ME, maybe it might work for you, give it a try.

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