How to AFK level, and why you should stop downvoting people who complain of others AFKing.

So the last few days I have been seeing a lot of posts regarding AFKer's. Posts complaining of people clogging servers by never going offline, even if they are not actively playing the game.

The number one rebuttal is that passive xp is to low to make it a thing. Well here is a little secret, no one is AFKing for passive xp, yet they are AFKing for huge amounts of crafting xp…I know now is where you tell me "crafting xp is soooo low", well yeah it is..for some things. When you're a low level leveling isn't hard, and crafting xp is meh.

yet when you get to level 30 and leveling starts to slow, crafting xp goes up up up…if you craft the right thing. What is the right thing to craft for some massive AFK xp you ask?. Well my reddit friend that's easy..Steel Reinforcements.

"Damn those are really really slow, who would want to stand there waiting for those"..Um no one, that is why you AFK lol. Yet to get this amazing xp you need to be in the blacksmith as they craft. So you really have no other choice then to AFK while you do this.

"But wouldn't you rather be playing?" Um yeah that's why you AFK after you're done playing and are ready for bed. Wake up and now you're 8 levels higher then the day before.

"wow that sound smart, I see nothing wrong with that" Well yeah it is smart, i mean by definition anyway. You figured out a way to level while not doing anything, and that is smart. Except this is a video game, and there are only so many server spots. You sitting in your blacksmith all night is fine on a low pop server, but on a popular server you're keeping others from playing. This is not smart as people will get fed up and leave..then all your levels are pointless..well you can pick on that makes you feel amazing while your epeen grows .0001 of an hey at least you have one now.

8 level isn't that much, but it is a hell of a lot in the crappy vanilla version of the game, that the devs never even intended for actual play. And the people who demand to play on this crappy version and think themselves to be "elite" do not care if you play, they think themselves smart and better then you already. All their tricks and bullshit make them feel like the big man in game, all while stopping decent legit players from accessing a server.

Games have rule sets, and using faulty game mechanics has always been agaisnt them. Making you the pathetic one..even if your actions are "smart". I mean I could hack the game, i do that shit for a living…that would make me "smart" to. But does that make me right? No it doesn't.

So should I AFK craft SR's all night becuase it benefits me, and keeps at least one others from progressing. No I should not, as it is not part of the actual game and is using faulty mechanics to my advantage. Which is no different then if I used my other skills to hack the game.

So let's try to be more considerate if we're on a high pop server, and not think to grand of ourselves for being so "smart".

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