How Stealth Works

So there’s been a few threads talking about how “arrows don’t break stealth” or “sign of the cross doesn’t break stealth”.

Suppa has a few rules. Follow them and you can stay in stealth for a whole level, killing everything Tenchu Style.

A disclaimer to start with: Yokai pools that litter the map and don’t respawn will always automatically break stealth if you trigger them so this guide is for every other non boss enemy in a level. You have to restealth with a smokebomb (see point 5 below) to get around this. Or you can just go around them since their activation radius is greatly reduced with Catwalk + Suppa (they react to sound as well).

  1. It’s based on awareness, like metal gear solid. If you attack an enemy and don’t kill them in a single blow, you lose it. If you kill them instantly, you keep it. Note that backstabs on human enemies are two part attacks that split the damage. You have to get your damage insanely high to not lose the buff, and sometimes it still doesn’t work. This is why its better to use skills or arrows on humans. (Also elemental buffs are still one hit, even though the floating texts make it seem like they are two: its moveset hits the game cares about, not damage ticks. If a move is a single swing, it doesn’t matter what the floating text says as long as they die.)
  2. Because its based on awareness, if you kill an enemy instantly when another enemy is too close, or otherwise within line of sight, you also lose it.
  3. When line of sight or proximity aren’t the problem, sound is. Catwalk scrolls silence everything you do, including the sounds of combat. You can busily murder a target openly six feet behind another one, and they wont hear it. You will of course lose your suppa.
  4. Once enemies have become aware of you, Suppa can’t be reused. This is because you are being targetted. You can either escape or use a smoke bomb. Escape is easier if you have Catwalk up, because enemies can track you by sound. Round a corner with catwalk or simply run fast enough, they’ll usually lose you.
  5. Smoke Bombs give you a temporary Suppa but only while you stay in the smoke. If you have Catwalk and don’t move, you wont be seen unless an enemy bumps into you. Once enemies stop moving and look as if they don’t know where you are, you can rebuff yourself with a REAL Suppa scroll and move out of the smoke. Do not move out of the smoke until you have reapplied the Suppa, or you will become visible instantly. (Quite a few bosses will ignore suppa completely no matter what you do, or if you use Smokebombs. You can do this on one or two though, like the first Munishege fight. But not the second. 🙂 )
  6. Yokai can be easily backstabbed in one hit if you stack the relevant abilities (and use a big hitter, such as an axe) because the backstab animation is a single blow. All you have to do is kill them with it. Also note that you can debuff many yokai with the defence reduction Onmyou item if you are behind them and they wont notice (humans will). This + Carnage can one shot even the biggest Yokai.
  7. When it comes to killing enemies, rear damage abilities apply to anything you do while behind an enemy…..but skill damage abilities are often higher, and still stack with the original backstab bonus. Kato + “A Master Swordsman’s Power” set bonuses, which is Close Combat Damage +12% and Sign of the Cross +30% allowed me to kill everyone in the big battle section of the Sekigahara stage without ever having to fight more than one person at a time, and keeping my stealth for 90% of the stage.
  8. You can use living weapon in Suppa and keep Suppa. Or buff with Suppa with it active. So you can stealth kill with a living weapon. But I find it easier to use your entire moveset, since different skills have different uses for killing instantly. An example is the axe attack to the face of the tough enemy in the hut in the video below. That move has a huge multiplier. Sign of the Cross can take out a huge group of people at the same time, and Iai strike with single katana is also excellent. But I haven’t tested living weapons much, so if anyone wants to, go nuts and report what you find below for everyone else! 🙂

Demonstration time!

Here is one shotting yokai with an axe (at quite low level).

Here is that Sekigahara full stealth run I mentioned in point 8. It is in Way of the Strong. I’m wearing A Master Swordsman’s Power and the matching swords. I refashioned the armor to look like a ninja for aesthetics. I have lvl 30 Kato. The swords are divine + 4 (the axe is + 3). My accessories are both boosts to elemental damage (one 12% earth damage up, 1 is general elemental because I didn’t have a second earth) to help my earth dual kats kill instantly.

I had to learn overlapping fields of vision, which is why I ran around enemies at first and came back to them later. I had to eliminate the watchers. This took me a couple of days to work out.

I mostly did this just because. I had no real reason. I just happened to learn a bunch doing it, and wanted to pass it on.

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