How Much Does it Cost to Buy Every Emote?

So after collecting every ship, sparrow, shader, ghost, armor set, and emblem… and all grimoire… I'm like what else is there?

Well, I guess you could collect every emote.

So I started thinking, what would that cost in real money?

I added up all the costs for every emote ever sold, and it is 26,200 Silver.

In the USA PSN store, you get 5000 Silver + an 800 Bonus silver for purchasing a lot at the same time, all for $49.99 USD. This is the best deal possible for trading real money to fake money.

At this best rate of exchange, one silver costs 0.008618965517241 USD.

So to purchase every emote in the game would cost $225.82.

But realistically you're looking at five purchases at $49.99, since the leftover Silver can be used for other in-game purchases.

Yes, not ever emote is available, but they do rotate at weekly reset. And you can get some for free from the nightfall packages if you're lucky. And there are a few which aren't directly translatable, such as doing the Refer a Friend Quest or obtaining a full set of Taken armor for the Taken Shiver emote.

FYI: Great list of emotes and their price in Silver can be found here:

Now… just need to decide if doing this is "worth it". If Bungie would give us some info about what moves over into Destiny 2 that would help me decide a lot. Like I'm not going to purchase more of this stuff if I'll never play Destiny 1 again after September and these emotes don't come over into Destiny 2.

EDIT1: There are 91 emotes total, 85 for sale. 48 of the ones for sale are RARE and 37 of them are LEGENDARY. Plus 3 more came with collector's edition of TTK, and 3 more are not for sale, but obtained through in-game action/quests (Refer-A-Friend, and Full Taken Armor Set)

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