How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

I have only been poking around this reddit for the past two days, because I didn't want to risk spoilers before I got through a significant portion of the story and the map. However, in these past two days I've seen a lot of people complaining about bombs. I recognize that bombs aren't massive damage dealers the way they were in previous zelda games, but I think people are failing to recognize how utilitarian they are (just like everything in this game ). Below are some of the ways I've found bombs to be incredibly useful in their current form, some of which may not be obvious at first.

  • Fish Like A Champ – Unlike in previous zelda games (except Twilight Princess, iirc), bombs are immune to water in Breath of the Wild. Additionally; bombs float. If you drop a bomb in a current, or roll it into a pond, you can detonate it when fish are nearby, causing them to all float to the surface, and allowing you to pick them up. This is especially useful for large groups of fish slowly swimming against the current.
  • Mine Like A Champ – In the early game I hated finding ore deposits, because inevitably I would have to pick one of my weapons to break in order to retrieve the good (yippee-skip, flint and rock salt). You know what never runs out and destroys ore deposits? Bombs! Just be careful using them on cliffs, as they can cause the gems to roll/fly/hurdle some distance. Still, it's better than breaking a weapon that could be used to knock in a moblin's teeth, amirite?
  • Hunt Like A Champ – Tired of trying to chase down deer with a club and/or wasting your arrows? Roll a bomb in their direction. It won't spook them right away, and will instantly kill them. Works on Boars, Moose (Meese?), and most other wildlife as well (although some may require Bombs+, I'm not positive)
  • Escape Keese Like A Champ (who's afraid of bats) – Run towards the camera. Draw a bomb. Set it down with A. Detonate when you're out of range. No more keese.
  • Fight Wolves Like A Champ Liam Neeson – Wolves are a pain. They move enough that hitting them with a melee weapon feels like a lot of effort, but arrows are a valuable commodities. Bombs instantly kill wolves. Multiple wolves. Simultaneously. Since Prime/Gourmet meat is such a good source of money, an easy way to kill wolves is golden (you can even get crazy and toss BOTH bombs to try to catch the whole pack before they run away).
  • Dismount Bokoblins Like A Champ (who hates horse) – Bokoblins ride at you in a straight line. Bombs instantly dismount them. Not only that, but it sends them spiraling slowly into the air, so you have time to reach them and hit them with your sword/spear/club/axe/hammer/skeletal-limb/etc.
  • Conduct Preemptive Bombing Runs Like A 20th Century German Military Champ – You can drop bombs while gliding. You can detonate bombs while gliding. It's a great way to pepper up a small group of enemies before attacking.
  • Solve Puzzles Like An Especially-Wiley Champ – Think about what object you can move with timed explosives, and why being able to roll/slide/push things from long range may be useful.
  • Create Combat Openings Like A Champ – Fighting two enemies, being able to remove one from the fight for 10 seconds is INCREDIBLY useful. Bomb a black bokoblin, kill his moblin friend while he's finding his weapon again, and then kill him. Or, better yet…
  • Steal Weapons Like A Champ – Bombs often make enemies drop their weapons. This is your moment, Arthur Putey! Pick up their weapon. Or, EVEN BETTER yes…
  • Send Your Enemies Cartwheeling Into Oblivion Like A (sadistic) Champ – Great for cliffs and bridges, as long as you don't care about collecting their monster parts.
  • Cheese Difficult Enemies Like A Wuss – Look, sometimes you just have to stand on a high edge and roll twelve consecutive bombs at an intimidating moblin. None of us are proud of it, it's just got to be done.
  • Go Logging Like A (thrifty) Champ – Is it a lot of effort for minimal gain? Yes. But you can knock down and cut trees with bombs. If you're out of weapons you will no doubt find you can't cut down trees with their own sticks (they won't turn on their kin so easily). Use bombs instead!

Did I miss anything? Do you still hate bombs? Whatever. I personally like the unlimited-but-less-damaging bombs of this game more than I ever liked the bombs in previous games. The only question is, where can I get a bombchu rune? I can dream…1

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