How do you guys like Nioh

Let me preface this by saying I enjoy challenging games (SoulBorne Veteran) that when u beat it you have a huge sense of accomplishment.

So I just beat the game at around ~45 hours, what a haul it was to beat it, with a level 105 axe/spearman. And honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Nioh. Something about it, I would take several attempts to beat a boss and when I finally did… I guess I felt a bit hollow. Personally I think the game is a little gimmicky. Maybe too much for my preference.

Also how does everyone feel about the load of items it throws at you? I started to get annoyed when I would get a really good weapon, and would play for hours and hours wading thru only a bunch of junk, while slowly progressing thru the levels and becoming outclassed because I didn't find any good replacement weapons. Sure you can pay the millions to soul forge ur weapon to a higher level, but typically it was out of my price range. I think I lean towards having a set amount of weapons that scale with you, that way it eliminates the junk items. RGN isn't my preference in regards to acquiring weapons.

Those are just my thoughts, gimmicky and item-overload. I'm sure many of you will now disagree with my point and make personal jabs, but I'd love to know what everyone thinks of the game so far. Pros and cons.

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