How did you discover Nier / Yoko Taro?

The story is quit interesting, at least to me.

I had a PS2. My cousin started living with us in 2004 because of problems at home.

He rented this game, 24 hour rental. He never touched it – he was on the PC all night talking to his girlfriend so I kinda just…played it all night. I thought the gameplay was addicting, and riding a FUCKING DRAGON, holy shit, nothing had been so badass in gaming so far as that. Mowing down hordes of troops, Dynasty Warriors, but with like…more blood. Also collecting all the weapons, I found it addicting.

I literally beat the damn thing in the one night we had it. So of course I went and bought it. Got home, kept playing the fuuuuuck out of it. Got all the endings and weapons and whatnot.

Saw Drakengard 2 come out awhile later, grabbed it, loved it, didn't like Nowe as much as Caim, but I still felt the awesome gameplay was there(Yeah, I actually at one point thought Drakengards gameplay was "awesome", my standards sure have risen lol.

Beat the hell out of that too. I played both a few more times over the years.

I didn't know about Yoko Taro or anything like that. I just thought they were dark and twisted games, something I've always liked.

Got a PS3 in 2012. Read about Caiva shutting down, the makers of Drakengard…and Nier, the article said. Reviews showcased poor reviews, poor graphics. However, I wanted to build a PS3 library. I looked @ Gamestop. They had a used copy for 5.99$. I was like "Man, I loved their past games, and I mean, it's 6$…"

So I got it, but didn't get around to it for awhile – I had also bought several other games like Demon's Souls and Final Fantasy 13, Valkyria Chronicles, I wanted to finish the "good" games first.

So later that year I got around and finally played it. The intro confused me, but I absolutely loved the whole post-apocalypse thing going on, with desperation. The sudden shift to medieval esque times was confusing. I liked the idea however of a Father & Daughter. I mean, movies have done that, but can you name other games where you're a father protecting his kid? I mean Silent Hill, sure, but it was uncommon. It's always a girlfriend or something.

The music was good at the start. Gameplay wasn't bad, felt like Drakengard with some slightly updated mechanics. The world was kind of generic as people had said, lots of copy and paste textures. Very PS2 level in terms of geometry and whatnot.

I powered through though, and I think the part for me where I realized Nier was something special was when the town gets attacked by the Giant Shade and the music plays as I defeat it. I was hooked, then. Especially the second act of the game just kicked it up. One of my favorite games ever.

I still didn't know who Yoko Taro was.

Fast forward to years of me ranting to friends about how amazing Nier is, using it's OST in several games in the backround, and then someone posts a "Nier sequel" video and I can't even believe it. Cavia is disbanded. Who, then? Platinum, the DMC guys? Awesome.

I had hoped it would come to PC, and it is, but while waiting over the years since the announcement, I kept seeing Yoko Taros name mentioned, and the guy in the Emil Mask. I was like "Who is that guy…" and watching more little press releases realized he wasn't some random, but the guy behind all the stories. Just amazing stuff. I had no idea who YT was until 2016, but I had been a fan for almost half my life.

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