**Horizon: Zero Dawn** DLC suggestions and wishlist

Greetings to all postapocalyptic hunters out there.

So after playing the game roughly 40 hours and completing the platinum trophy yesterday i sat down, wondering what to do with my life right now. I took some time and thought about things that i would love to see in the game to spend even more time in this beautiful world. Therefore i came up with a DLC suggestion-/wishlist:

  • More mounts: I mainly traveled by fasttravel because it took me way too long to travel around this huge world with those mounts available right now. It would be so cool to unlock a stormbird as a flying mount and watch this beautiful world from above. I would never ever touch the fasttravel button again. And the ability to fight from a thunderjaws back… nothing to say about this.

  • Better human AI: I am sure everybody who played this game encountered a fight with human enemys. Especially if you stealth kill a person, the other enemies seem to not care about the death of their ally at all. They just get that yellow questionmark, search for a bit and then return to their task as if nothing happened.

  • More areals: The world of HZD is stunning. Even after 40 hours of playing i wandered around and just watched the machines and the beatiful landscapes. I would love to see more of that. For example show us the Oseram area or something ocean-related, maybe even under-water.

  • More endgame gear: After finishing the main story quest i still hunted down those behemoths and rockbreakers with my purple gear i bought at lvl ~30. More customization and better endgame weapons would be great.

  • More impactful quests: Spoiler

  • Learn to use the old technology: For example for new advanced weapons, potions or traps.

  • Better melee fight system: As we speak right now the melee fight system is pretty basic, which doesn't mean it's bad, but it could be deeper. The ability to parry or do some simple combos would make this more diverse and enjoyable.

  • Deeper human fights: The fights with machines are really enjoyable and tactical, but humans are very weak and boring enemys. The additon of weak points and destroyable armorpieces could make encounters with humans much more interesting.

  • Own customizable home: It would be nice to have a place, where you can store some recources in crates or place hunting trophys at the wall.

  • Koop hunting: I imagine the possibility to hunt down new, large boss machines with a group of friends as an extremely cool experience.

These are my ideas, if you have anything to add or criticise feel free to write a comment. I'm curious to hear about your ideas, maybe i've missed a huge point.

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