Horizon Zero Dawn 100% Completion Guide

This guide was made during Patch 1.04, guide is subject to change


At the end of this guide, your game completion should look like this:

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Things that count towards completion rating:

Main Quests: 21

Side Quests: 22

Errands: 14

Tallneck: 5

Hunting Grounds: 5

Bandit Camp: 6

Cauldron: 4

Corrupted Zone: 11

Banuk Figures: 6

Metal Flowers: 30

Ancient Vessel: 12

Vantage: 12

Shadow Outfits: 9

Shadow Weapons: 8

Machines Scanned: 26


Things that do NOT count towards 100% completion rating:

Audio, Holograms, Datapoints, Glyphs, Hunters Lodge Weapons, Stranded Figures, Sylens’ Lance, Tearblaster, Shadow Stalwart Heavy, Shield-Weaver, Job Quests made by the player, Tutorial Missions(need confirmation)

Main Story: (Impossible to miss)

A Gift From The Past

Lessons of the Wild

The Point of The Spear

Mother’s Heart

The Proving

The Womb of the Mountain

A Seeker at the Gates

The War-Chief’s Trail (Side/Main)

Revenge of the Nora (Side/Main, After “The War-Chief’s Trail”)

The City of the Sun

The Field of the Fallen (Side/Main)

Into the Borderlands (Side/Main, After “The Field of the Fallen”)

The Sun Shall Fall (Side/Main, After “Into the Borderlands”)

Maker’s End

The Grave-Hoard

To Curse The Darkness

Deep Secrets of the Earth

The Terror of the Sun

The Heart Of The Nora

The Mountain that Fell

The Looming Shadow

The Face of Extinction

Side Quests: (in order of obtainability)

In Her Mother’s Footsteps

  • North east of Mother’s Watch, along the riverbank, you’ll find an injured man who gives this quest.

The Forgotten

  • On the main road south towards Mother’s Watch, look for a tall rock spire. Speak to the woman at the top.

Ancient Armory

  • Explore the Bunker ruins east of Mother’s Rise.

A Daughters Vengence

  • Speak to the worried young man in Mother’s Rise.

Insult to Injury

  • Speak to Fia in Mother’s Rise


  • Speak to the worried trader at Hunter’s Gathering

A Moment’s Peace

  • Speak to Tikuk in the Banuk Encampment at the far north east of the Sacred Lands.

Sunstone Rock

  • Approach Sunstone Rock, a settlement far to the southwest of Meridian.

Sun and Shadow

  • Speak to Lahavis at Brightmarket, a settlement northwest of Meridian.

Death From the Skies

  • Find a man wounded on the roads west of Free Heap.

Heap of Trouble

  • Speak to Petra at Free Heap, a settlement to the north east of Carja territories, close to the border with the Sacred Lands.

Blood on Stone

  • Speak to the quarry foreman at Cut Cliffs, a settlement north east of Meridian.

Acquired Taste

  • The one most people miss. There is a hidden house east from the Sun Furrow Hunting Grounds north of Carja territory. It is located in a recess of a mountain, below a Broadhead site.

Cause for Concern

  • This quest will activate after all bandit camps have been cleared

Fatal Inheritance

  • Speak to Ranaman in Meridian Village, a settlement just south east of the city itself.

Weapons of the Lodge

  • Speak with Aidaba in the Hunters Lodge to activate this quest

Honor The Fallen

  • Speak to Mournfall Namman in the circular area on the upper level of Meridian

Robbing The Rich

  • Speak to the noble loudly decrying a robbery near the main market area of Meridian

Hunters’ Blind

  • Speak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed the errand Hunting for the Lodge.


  • Speak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed Deadliest Game.

Traitor’s Bounty (side/main)

  • Acquired during main quest

Queen’s Gambit

  • Acquired after Traitor’s Bounty


Odd Grata

  • Ask Rost “Anything else?” at the beginning of the adult Aloy sequence in the prologue, or encounter Grata at her camp high in the mountains to the west of your starting point.

Hunting for the Lodge

  • Speak to a Keeper at any of the Hunting Grounds arenas.


  • Speak to Den in Mother’s Rise.

Luck of the Hunt

  • Speak to Taim in Mother’s Crown.

Shortage of Supplies

  • Speak to Sona in Mother’s Crown. Must have completed The War-Chief’s Trail and Revenge of the Nora.

To Old Acquaintance

  • Speak to Gera at Hunter’s Gathering.

In Foreign Lands

  • Speak to Balahn at Daytower.

A Curious Proposal

  • Speak to Fernund in Brightmarket.

Sun’s Judgement

  • Speak to the grumbling stall owner in Brightmarket.

Healer’s Oath

  • Speak to Abas outside Sunfall.

Hammer and Steel

  • Speak to Kaeluf at Free Heap.

Demand and Supply

  • Look for two squabbling merchants on the outer edge of Meridian, towards Meridian Village.

Deadliest Game

  • Obtained during the Hunter’s Lodge Questline


  • Unlocked during The City of the Sun during conversation with Olin.


Bandit Camps:

Should be located on world map. 5 in total


Should be located on world map. 5 in total

(due to the current patch, do not fast travel off of Tallneck. You must repel down first in order to obtain the Machine Datapoint. Otherwise you will not obtain it.)

Hunting Grounds:

Nora Hunting Grounds:

Parts Alone Trial

  • Remove Canisters from Grazers
  • It is recommended to use arrows that have a higher tear stat to be able to remove components from machines (precision arrows or tearblast arrows for example)

Logpile Trial

  • Kill machines using the Logpile Traps in the area.
  • It is easier to shoot a blast sling away from the Grazers, they should start running towards the logpile, once they get close shoot the logpile

Blast Wire Trial

  • Kill Grazers using the Carja Tripcaster
  • Same as the previous trial, but instead set several traps on the path, they will all run right into them.

Valleymeet Hunting Grounds:

Fire Fight Trial

  • Shoot Strider Canisters using Fire Arrows
  • Kind of obvious, shoot the cannisters on the backs of striders with fire arrows quickly

Shock Trial

  • Stun Bellowbacks and Shoot Canisters off the Undersides
  • To do this quickly, use stun bombs from the sling, and use the tearblast arrows on their underside to quickly remove the strapping and the cannisters off their underside

Freeze Trial

  • Kill Machines while Frozen
  • You have the option to use Ice bombs from your sling, or use ice arrows from the war bow. Just kill them while they are under the effect of frost.

Greatrun Hunting Grounds:

Parts Wrangling Trial

  • Tie down Ttramplers using the Ropecaster
  • Obviously, use the Ropecaster to tie down tramplers

Pace Trial

  • Race Glinthawks to Watcher corpses
  • This is just a race, I would recommend using the furthermost left zipline down to start the race

Tie Down Trial

  • Tie Down Glinthawks using the ropecaster
  • Just like the trampler challenge, but slightly harder. Just make sure your aim is good.


Spurflints Hunting Grounds:

(For this hunting ground I would recommend obtaining the stealth armor and using stealth modifications to maximize stealth capabilities.)

Watch Out Trial

  • Find and Kill Watchers Silently
  • Before activating trial, allow yourself to take note of all the watcher locations, once you have a good idea where they are, and stealth kill 4 of them.

Stalker Kill Trial

  • Find and Kill Stalkers
  • Scan a stalker before this trial in order to learn of their weak points. Look for red bombs around the area, and there should be a stalker nearby. Take out their stealth generator as quickly as possible to shorten time consumption on these enemies

Sleight of Crate Trial

  • Loot Shell-Walker Crates
  • This is where high stealth stat comes in handy, with enough stealth, you can just walk right to the crates without causing attention from the machines. Be quick

Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds:

(I would recommend finishing the ZETA Cauldron before attempting these missions)

Ravager vs Machines Trial

  • Remove and use a Ravager Cannon to Kill Machines
  • Use tearblast arrows or any other arrow with high tear damage to remove their cannons. A afterwards, pick them up and kill ravagers, watchers, or if you’re feeling lucky the Thunderjaw

Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial

  • Remove a Thunderjaw Disc Launcher to Kill Ravagers
  • This is where the ZETA Cauldron completion will come in handy, you do not need to remove the Disc Launchers, but just override the Thunderjaw, and help him kill both Ravagers.
  • If ZETA Cauldron is not complete, use tearblast arrows or any other arrow with high tear damage on the Thunderjaws Disc Launchers, and kill both ravagers with it. (You do not need to kill the Thunderjaw)

Ravager Control Trial

  • Override Ravagers and Kill the Thunderjaw
  • High stealth stat is recommended to quickly override both Ravagers (overriding both is required), help them kill the ravager. (It does not matter who get the final blow)


SIGMA – Located at the north of the center of the map in the Sacred Lands (you will obtain a quest in Mothers Crown)(Recommended level 10)

RHO – Located slight southwest from Daytower (Recommended level 15)

XO – Located southernmost part of Carja Teritory (Recommended level 20)

ZETA – Located in the north center of Carja Teritory (Recommended level 30)

Corrupted Zones:

-Should be located on the world map. 11 in total


To find these, you must obtain a Collectables map from a merchant. The earliest I found was the merchant outside of Mothers Watch after the fight with the corrupter.

With the map, all the locations for the Banuk Figure, Metal Flower, Ancient Vessel, Vantage should become available on the world map.

  • Banuk Figure usually require a climb to reach
  • Metal Flowers are always located in a triangle of flowers, they can be found with the focus
  • Ancient Vessels are always located in piles of Debris, usually with a purple icon over them. They can be found with the focus
  • Vantages usually require a climb to reach to, you must use the focus to obtain them.


For the Weapons and Outfits, it is recommended to get the Scavenger and/or Scavenger+ skills to have an easier time farming ingredients.

You can also find some ingredients like machine hearts from the merchant close to the palace in Meridian

Shadow Outfits:

Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy

  • 760 Metal Shards
  • Grazer Heart

Carja Silks Heavy

  • 770 Metal Shards
  • Longleg Heart

Carja Blazon Heavy

  • 780 Metal Shards
  • Charger Heart

Oseram Sparkworker Heavy

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • 2 Luminous Braiding (obtained from all medium sized machines: Longlegs, Tramplers, Sawtooth, Shell-walker, Bellowbacks, etc.)

Nora Silent Hunter Heavy

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • Bellowback Heart

Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • Strider Heart
  • Metal Vessel (obtained from every machine)

Nora Survivor Heavy

  • 900 Metal Shards
  • 2 Watcher Hearts
  • 40 Blaze (obtained from machines with blaze components on them: Grazers, Fire Bellowbacks, Sawtooth, etc.)

Nora Protector Heavy

  • 1000 Metal Shards
  • Shell-Walker Heart

Oseram Arrow Breaker Heavy

  • 1100 Metal Shards
  • Crystal Braiding (Obtained from Large Machines: Thunderjaws, Behemoths, Rockbreakers, Thunderbirds, Etc.)

Shadow Weapons:

Shadow Hunter Bow

  • 650 Metal Shards
  • Watcher Heart

Shadow Ropecaster

  • 500 Metal Shards
  • Snapmaw Heart

Shadow Sling

  • 650 Metal Shards
  • Crystal Braiding (Obtained from Large Machines: Thunderjaws, Behemoths, Rockbreakers, Thunderbirds, Etc.)

Shadow Tripcaster

  • 750 Metal Shards
  • Scrapper Heart

Shadow War Bow

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • Trampler Heart

    Shadow Sharpshot Bow

  • 800 Metal Shards
  • Sawtooth Heart

Shadow Rattler

  • 950 Metal Shards
  • Boar Skin (blue)
  • Rabbit Skin (blue)
  • Fox Skin (blue)

Shadow Blast Sling

  • 1400 Metal Shards
  • Lancehorn Heart

For every Shadow outfit and weapon you will need 21210 metal shards

Machines Scans:

Watchers – You can easily find them in the main story

Striders – You can easily find them in the main story

Grazers – You can find them just outside of Mothers Embrace

Scrapper Redeye Watcher – They are located in large groups or near large machines

Broadhead – You will find them in the eastern part of the Sacred Lands, near Devils Grief

Lancehorn – You can find them in the Northern Mountains of the Sacred Lands, below the Banuk encampment

Longleg – They can be located near the Snapmaw lake right before Daytower

Trampler – Tamplers are located near the Greatrun Hunting Grounds

Sawtooth – You can easily find them in the main story

Shellwalker – These guys can be found near Cauldron SIGMA

Fire Bellowback – Next to Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

Freeze Bellowback – Can be found next to Valleymeet Hunting Grounds

Charger – Can be found in the Northern Mountains of the Sacred Lands, near the Banuk Encampment, below The Grave Hoard

Stalker – Can be found by Spurflints Hunting Grounds

Glinthawk – Can be found by Greatrun Hunting Grounds

Corrupter – Easily found in Mainstory

Ravager – Can be found in Cauldron RHO

Snapmaw – Can be found in the big lake before Daytower

Rockbreaker – East of Sunfall, next to a small mountain or part of Blood on Stone side quest

Behemoth – You will fight them the first time you go to Sunstone Rock

Thunderjaw – There is a mountain pass near the Sun-Steps Tallneck with two Thunderjaws

Stormbird – They can be found right outside of Daytower, easy to spot

Deathbringer – Easily found in the Main Story

Tallneck – They are located on the map

Corrupted Machine – They are located in the Main Story or in Corrupted Zones


If you would like to learn the locations of every datapoint, glyph, holo, etc. Please follow this guide:


Here is a quick video walkthrough for every World Datapoints hidden throughout the world map:



Thank you for reading this guide, I hope I helped with getting what you needed

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask.

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