Horizon Zero Dawn 1.03 Notes

We’re pleased to announce that Patch 1.03 for Horizon Zero Dawn has been released today. This patch fixes a number of progression issues and crashes.




• Fixed a crash that could occur during “The Heart of the Nora”, after getting killed by the corrupted Thunderjaw at All-Mother’s entrance.

• Fixed an issue where the game would crash on “The Curse to Darkness” when left idle for a few minutes, after selecting continue from the Main Menu.

• Fixed a crash that would occur during “Revenge of the Nora” when the player would be killed by the Bellowback.

• Fixed a crash that could occur when the player was killed by the Behemoth during “The Terror of the Sun” quest.

• Fixed an issue where the loading screen would hang after viewing the cutscene after the credits.

• Fixed a progression issue during “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where Aloy could not re-enter the secret entrance after fast traveling out.

• Fixed an issue where Aloy was able to mount machines with heavy weapons equipped.

• Fixed an issue where bandits would spawn inside the mountain during Bandit Camp “Two Teeth”.

• Fixed an issue where you could already scan the datapoint “Record of Redmaw 2” spoiling the quest.

• Fixed an issue where tracks wouldn’t be highlighted unless het player was at a certain distance.

• Fixed a crash with Hunting Grounds 1 when in combat with the Grazers.

• Fixed an issue where the quest icon would display the incorrect quest when finishing “Gift from the Past” and transitioning to “The Point of the Spear”.

• Fixed an issue where Vanasha wasn’t appearing to activate the “Traitor’s Bounty” quest.

• Fixed an issue during “The City of the Sun” where Erend wouldn’t spawn correctly.

• Fixed an issue where the Override icon wouldn’t always show on overridden machines.

• Fixed an issue where players would accidentally skip the cinematic during “A Gift from the Past”.

• Fixed an issue during “The War Chiefs Trail” where the player could not interact with Sona after fast traveling.


Please download Patch 1.03 and let us know what you think. We’ll continue to work on further enhancements to Horizon Zero Dawn based on your comments. In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for the latest news and updates!

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