Horizon CE-34878-0 Error – Please help!

I have been unable to get Horizon Zero Dawn to work for more than 30 minutes due to the CE-34878-0 error. This is the only game in my library that experiences this issue and it's extremely frustrating.

The game starts to show texture glitches with either continuous lines streaking off Aloy or stuttering background objects which preempts every crash. I have noticed on game settings that the visual performance and HDR setting show as "Unavailable" but my TV doesn't support HDR anyways.

I have tried reinstalling this game at least five separate times. I have tried to let the game fully install before installing the patch which didn't work. I have tried to re-install after a quick initialization and a full initialization. I have also rebuilt the database on every attempt and started a new save file after every reinstall.

I am on PS4 (original) with the most up to date firmware and patch updates.

The game is disc copy and I have replaced the disc once with Amazon to see if that worked which it didn't.

There were no background downloads while playing and I let the disc sit in the system for 2 hours before playing.

There is no camera or other usb devices plugged into the system and facial recognition is not enabled.

I have over 300GB of free storage since I have wiped my HDD and everything is stock(original) to the system.

I don't want to blame this on my PS4 since this is literally the only game that crashes due to these errors. I logged over 100 hours on FFXV without a single hiccup. I really want to play this game since the little bit I did play it was very enjoyable… PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. lucky i cant and never have been able t even play this game it just freezes up then after abit crashes and gives me that error code and ive had both disc and digital aswell as having gotten 4 different copies of the disc and they all without fail freeze up and crash in the exact same place but every single game i have works perfect except this one

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