Hit a wall: Level 70 missions – Single Katana

I am currently using a single katana build. I am using the Warrior of the West set sword. It has the water element on it. I try to focus on getting close combat damage, but i really do not know what my stats should be. I was told to put 13 into body and heart and put the rest in skill. I have the a+ rating for damage to skill on my sword. I feel like i am getting a lot squishier, i don't do as much damage.I am wearing warrior of the west gear, four of five pieces and a random chest piece. I use Kanto, i do not use much magic/ninjitsu. The most i use is Slot, if i die over 5 times in an area, i do feel it is cheap, and putting fire on the weapon.I am using a low stance for Ninjas, i use a high stand for yokai, except the ninja yokai, they always kill me. I use a mid stance for revenants and anything else. A lot of my gear has been the same since level 40? I get new pieces but it seems to have the same stats with more armor. I only use one weapon(katana) and one bow.

My questions is, what can i do to improve my damage/build? Should i respec to heart and ignore skill? Should i be focusing on a different set? what stats should i be focusing on all of my armor pieces/weapons?

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